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Mut 20 coins has really fucked up the franchise mode and draft

Nov-06-2019 PST Madden 20

That’ll be why, I’d assume your phone can’t process that amount of data? When you get to a PC it’ll work fine, I don’t have anything to send other than the link.

Is there a way on the  new update to notate or highlight which players are rookies? We were wanting to do a fantasy draft picking only rookies and they don’t designate them on the game.

Did a 30-round fantasy draft with six of my friends. We all went to the same house and each had our own PS4 and TV set up. This guide was absolutely crucial to my success, so thank you. Had the 29th pick, the last of all 7 users. What are your thoughts on my team?

Offense: QB Haskins | HB Dalvin Cook, Miles Sanders | WR Davante Adams, Calvin Ridley, Jakeem Grant, Corderalle Patterson | TE Noah Fant, Jeff Heuerman | LT Ronnie Stanley, LG Shaq Mason, C Corey Linsley, RG Brandon Scherff, RT Rick Wagner

LE Za'Darius Smith, RE Emmanuel Ogbah | DT Chris Jones, DJ Reader | OLB Thomas Davis, Tremaine Edmunds (Converted SS, really good here) | MLB Roquon Smith | CB Jaire Alexander, Greedy Williams.

I really like the team, very good mix of young and old, gonna have to draft to replace some of the older guys but a young nucleus is key which you have so glad it helped!

Hey guys can anyone of you help me out?? Mut 20 coins has really fucked up the franchise mode and draft , madden 05 was the best ever!!! My question is how does me and my buddy do a fantasy draft for 2 separate teams together??? NHL still has a normal fantasy draft option like madden used too but of course they had to fuck it up.So one of you needs to start a cloud franchise as a coach or owner and select “fantasy draft” as the starting point...then you can invite the other person to the franchise and they do the same and voila!

Just create a username for him and invite him and it should work? I’m not 100% sure on that tbh I haven’t done a fantasy draft in madden in years. Is it a snake draft or done like the NFL Draft? Also great job on the spreadsheet man!!!

Isnt it just fascinating you have to go to a buy Madden nfl 20 coins sub on Reddit to get immediate responses you have from the developer on a great product? What a world. Keep up the good work BatCam!

I have a basic question that I am sure you have answered before (I apologize if you have), but I was wondering if you could explain the strategy as far as the far right table. For example, I see in the 5th Round, the WR is green indicating the most optimal time to pick. So should I be looking at picking a WR in Round 4 since it is indicating that Round 5 is a WR heavy round for the computer? Or does it mean to pick a WR in Round 5 and not 4.

It depends if you’re targeting certain players. Ideally when it’s green is when you want to pick but if there is a certain player that you really like and you know there is gonna be a run on WR’s then you can reach for that WR.

I still say the biggest thing with the fantasy draft is to pick who you want to play with and if you reach a couple times it’s not the end of the world!

I just used your guide for the first time this afternoon and it was super valuable even before the updates. I did find myself wishing I had the development traits in the guide, so am super excited to see them being added with the update.

With checking your progress so far, I now know why I couldn’t find Quentin Nelson as late as I was expecting! Keep up the fantastic work and I can’t wait to do a draft next week and see how much my draft improved! I’m fairly new to fantasy drafting in Madden, so going to do a few drafts solo to get a feel for the draft before going for real! Thank you so much for all your time and effort with this fantastic resource!