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Mut 20 coins hitstick anyone I want

Sep-23-2019 PST Madden 20

Dislike the crazy amount of hitsticks and fumbles. It is COMPLETELY unrealistic, and keep in mind we are playing all madden and simulation mode. There shouldn't be more than 1-2 fumbles a game MAX and the default settings on all madden still allow me to Mut 20 coins hitstick anyone I want, every play, with a guy like keuchly.

I will definitely be adjusting the sliders. Maybe I need to protect the ball more often. If that's the case, then this gameplay may grow on me due to its realism and I simply need to hold RB every time I'm about to collide with a defender.

No - Hit Sticks appear to be directly related to hit power, but I'm telling you, my buddy and I play all-madden simulation 8min quarters and we have 4-6 fumbles a game, and I can hit stick the ball carrier every play with nearly anyone on my defense. We used up our 10 hours, but believe me we will be adjusting the sliders when the game is released.

I have one question for you... how are the trades? I played Madden for the first time last year (PC guy) and I was shocked that I never even got one trade offer in any one the seasons I did. Also, most of the trade offers I did would be dismissed even if they made sense for both teams.

I was hoping that the scenario engine would improve this but I haven't seen any specifics yet.

I'd be happy to share more - we are excited to get back on the sticks tonight/tomorrow and tweak the sliders a bit to enhance game play. I may even consider tweaking the XP sliders for the first time to try and even out progression for all positions. I'll keep sharing anything else I discover about Madden 20.

Interceptions is way easier just doing the field goal block audible into punt safe man method.

I feel like it still doesn’t count the stats if you replay the solo over and over again. I know you said to back out every so often to make sure they are counting but I dont think they are after a couple times.

I tested this. It doesn’t. You have to load out and load back in. Worked great for levelling up though.

Might be worth mentioning to do them on the easiest difficulty in case someone doesn't realize.

For fumbles and sacks are a lot easier using Punt - Straight Rush. It is a sack about 95% of the time and a fumble probably about 40% of the time. I used the "Not in my house" solo against the cardinals. INTs are definitely field go block into buy Madden 20 coins punt safe. I am currently stuck grinding out tackles, which sucks.

Does getting all of these listed get him to 95? I remember checking the requirements the other day and there are other requirements listed. are those just for the border and stuff like that?

No. There’s also the multiplayer wins / solo stars. Plus you need to get 5000 tackles, but I didn’t list that because that’s impossible to grind for and almost everyone already has it.

For Rushing Yards/TDs, I was able to just click “Replay Challenge” 20+ times but the yards did not count, only the TDs did. Strange.

For Passing Yards/TDs, you can use any other QB when doing the Baker Mayfield epics solos, you just need to sub on your QB from the formations menu, run the play, and then after selecting “Replay Challenge” make sure you keep using that formation each time as the substitution carries over.