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Mut 20 coins just a cat and mouse game

Oct-22-2019 PST Madden 20

I have it repacked, but must DL CODEX iso first and check against my files. So if I'm lucky, you will see the repack in 2-3 hours.

I get the feeling CPY is mostly adults who have kids. They always disappear right around the holiday season, and come back again when the kids have gone back to school.

I saw a dude a week and a bit ago Fearmongering. Saying that the new Denuvo versions are too hard to crack and everyone has given up cracking them.

Yeah, those are nothing but cry babies who have no idea how protections work or how much work you need to put on cracks when the protection is strong. I said it once I′d say it again, once a protection has been cracked there is no way back, you can do all kind of stuff to "evolve it" or to make things harder but once you know how it works is Mut 20 coins just a cat and mouse game, sometimes it gets harder but at the end you know what to do, no matter how many new versions they make.

Honestly, with how broken Madden games are, it's kind of pointless to even put forth the effort to crack launch day Madden versions.

Might as well wait until around November when they release big patches for the holiday season.

I know no one here probably played it, but I did, and I start every game in franchise mode with zero timeouts. Any reason why that is?

I bought buy Madden nfl 20 coins last year because I wanted to support the game coming to PC. I’m a big sports fan and would love to see other sports franchises like NHL and MLB the show (never gonna happen since Sony owns SDS which produces the game) come to PC and wanted to reward a PC port (and a pretty good one for the first madden game on pc in 13 years, it had good graphics options and even supported ultra wide) with my money even though I never use the online portions of sports games.