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Night Crows: Crafting the 2nd Blue Weapon and Refinement

Apr-03-2024 PST Night Crows

In the ever-evolving world of Night Crows, the quest for power and advancement is an unending journey. As adventurers continue to explore new realms and face formidable challenges, the importance of crafting and refining equipment cannot be overstated. In this guide, we delve into the process of crafting the second blue weapon and refining it to unleash its full potential.

Night Crows: Crafting the 2nd Blue Weapon and Refinement

Crafting the Second Blue Weapon

The acquisition of the second blue weapon marks a significant milestone in the progression of every adventurer. With careful planning and strategic decision-making, players can optimize their approach to crafting this essential piece of equipment. While the choice of weapon may vary depending on individual preferences and playstyles, the ultimate goal remains the same – to enhance combat effectiveness and excel in the perilous world of Night Crows.

For some players, prioritizing the sub-weapon as their second blue weapon may offer unique advantages. Sub-weapons provide the opportunity to enhance to plus six with a safe mode, offering a level of stability and reliability in the enhancement process. Additionally, sub-weapons can unlock extra accessory slots when enhanced to plus six, further bolstering the character's capabilities in combat.


Once the second blue weapon is crafted, the refinement process begins. Refinement is a crucial step in maximizing the potential of equipment, allowing players to fine-tune their stats and attributes for optimal performance on the battlefield. By carefully selecting and applying refinement stones, players can enhance their weapon's attributes to suit their specific needs and playstyles.

When refining the second blue weapon, players often focus on enhancing critical attributes such as weapon damage, critical rate, and bonus damage. These attributes contribute significantly to overall combat effectiveness, empowering players to deal greater damage to their foes and overcome challenging encounters with ease. By striking a balance between offensive and defensive attributes, players can create a well-rounded weapon that excels in a variety of combat situations.

Strategic Decision-Making

Throughout the crafting and refinement process, strategic decision-making is paramount. Players must carefully allocate resources and prioritize enhancements based on their immediate needs and long-term goals. Whether enhancing to plus six with safe mode or utilizing BL score for additional enhancements, each decision should be made with careful consideration of its potential impact on overall character progression.

Furthermore, players should strive to unlock and refine special attributes that synergize with their chosen playstyle. Whether focusing on PvE or PvP content, selecting attributes that complement the character's strengths and bolster areas of weakness is essential for achieving success on the battlefield.


In conclusion, crafting the second blue weapon and refining it to perfection is a crucial aspect of character progression in Night Crows. By following a strategic approach to crafting, get more Night Crows Diamonds, enhancing, and refining equipment, players can unlock the full potential of their characters and emerge victorious in the ever-changing world of Night Crows. With careful planning, perseverance, and a dash of luck, adventurers can conquer challenges, overcome obstacles, and etch their names into the annals of Night Crows history.

MMOexp Night Crows Team