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​The Ultimate Guide to Offensive Hot Routes in Madden 23

Sep-24-2022 PST Madden 23

Meta Description: Is the offensive giving you trouble in Madden 23? No need to Worry because we here at No Fear have compiled the finest offensive hot routes guide for Madden 23 players.

To win in Madden 23, you'll need to be creative on offence. The difficulty of predicting the other team's defence sometimes results in a shooting contest during fast-paced games. Winning games this year requires familiarity with the formations and an effective offensive strategy. By selecting a new formation and personnel group, you may unlock new hot routes in Madden NFL 23. These innovative paths are grounded on the formation and strategic placement. A comeback route, smoke screen, or no pass block are all options for the outside receiver.

Offensive hot routes let you override a receiver's pre-set route with one of your own choosing. Prior to the snap, tapping the receiver button symbol allows you to "hot route" any receiver. Experts in the video game Madden NFL 23 employ hot routes on every play.

Madden 23 Hot routing: how does it work?

Hot routes allow you to alter a receiver's route from his default route to one of your choices, as explained by Madden. Superstars in Madden use "hot routes" to call every play by following these steps:

· The receiver button icon can be clicked on when you want to hot route a specific receiver. To hot route your desired receiver, press Y/Triangle just before the snap.

· Swipe the Right Stick in the desired direction when the hot route menu displays to pick a certain option (RS)

Madden 23 Tackle box: how does it works?

Remember that in Madden 23, you're safest inside the tackle box. Immediately upon stepping outside the box, your defensive line will be breached, and a player will make a tackle on you. If you want to maintain your protection, you'll need to remain within the tackle box since this mechanism will make it harder to sprint outside the box and launch the ball across the field. Let's take a closer look at Tackle Box and find out what's in it:

· In order to perform a safe "Breakdown Tackle," keep A/X down.

· To do a savage diving tackle, press X/Square.

· The correct action is a right-hand flick. Raise your stick when you're in striking distance of the ball carrier.

· Activate the Right Mouse Button. When you're close enough, put your stick down to cut the stick and eliminate the ball carrier's legs.

Madden 23 Dive in: how does it works?

Diving in Madden NFL 23 is accomplished by holding down the square button (on PlayStation) or the X button (on Xbox) for a few seconds.

In either the offensive or defensive context, a dive may be executed. If you press the dive button, your character will take a flying leap forward and then fall to the floor. In order to gain an additional yard, the offensive team may accomplish this by moving the ball carrier as far forward as feasible. This may be done defensively to extend your reach while making a tackle. Learn how to dive for victory and get some valuable additional height:

· When defending, use X/Square to dive tackle.

· For a diving attempt as the ball carrier, press and hold X/Square.

· In the role of the ball carrier, you may "give up" or "slip" by tapping X or Square.

· If you're playing on Y/Triangle or A/X, context is essential for the diving catch.

· Select the desired hot route by flicking the Left Stick (LS) or Right Stick (RS) in the desired direction when the corresponding option opens (RS)

Madden 23: Pay close attention to the Tight End

When playing Madden 23, blocking the tight end is a foolproof way to be tackled since the edge rusher will be deployed to stop the tight end one-on-one. If you attempt to double up on the tight edge, he will just go past both of your players, leaving you to face the burden alone. When it comes to pass blocking, an edge rusher is sometimes even less effective than a right tackle. The right tackle should be responsible for covering the tight end.

Madden 23: Be cautious with your forceful catch

An aggressive catch is one in which the receiver makes every effort to secure the reception. This is the most dangerous form of catch to make, so avoid it if you're going to be tackled. Even a small shove may lead you to lose the ball in this situation, so it's best to avoid it.

Final Thoughts

It's all the rage in Madden right now to run hot routes on offence, which may result in big gains for your side down the field, get more Madden 23 coins. The only problem is adapting to the new system and making it viable in practice. Become an offensive master by following the advice in this comprehensive guide.