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​Top 4 Best Throw Styles in Madden 23

Nov-21-2022 PST Madden 23

In this article, we'll explain which Throw Style your quarterbacks should use in Madden 23. Both in-game and in-sim, you'll find these Throw Styles are an asset.

QBs' throwing actions have a significant impact on their performance in Madden NFL 23. In contrast to a quarterback with a lightning-fast release motion, who will make all the difference in the world, those with clumsy and sluggish releases are almost useless, no matter how high their ratings.

If your QB throwing motion is too sluggish, you may experience a lot of frustration while trying to throw the ball away. Without the proper Throw Style, QBs run the risk of taking too long to throw the ball, being sacked, or fumbling the ball away. There are dreadful Throw Styles that make everything awful. Throw Styles from quarterbacks that never found success in the NFL, but Madden kept them around to make our lives hell.

Access "NFL Rosters" and then "View Player Card" to modify your quarterback's Throw Style in Madden NFL 23. Once you've done that, scroll down until you see "Edit Player," then press RB (Xbox controller) R1 to move the cursor four spaces to the right (PS5). There you may modify the throwing style of your quarterback.

The following are the four best throw styles to learn in Madden 23: Let's explore them together:

Madden NFL 23: Slinger 1 Throw Style

This throw type is the most effective in Madden NFL 23 because of the fast release and lack of unnecessary drama around the pass. All you need to know is that Aaron Rodgers loves this Throw Style to see that it's awesome. This Throw Style is shared with Jordan Love, proving that Rodgers did indeed instruct Love. This particular Throw Design has reigned supreme for quite some time.

Madden NFL 23: Slinger 3 Throw Style

You won't see most quarterbacks using the Slinger 3 Throw Style frequently since it is one of the more uncommon Throw Styles. However, if you notice it on your QB or wish to modify your QB's throw style, you will be happy with the result unless your QB is great at QB. In that case, you won't be thrilled with the outcome.

Madden NFL 23: Generic 2 Throw Style

The fact that a substantial proportion of quarterbacks in Madden NFL adopt the throwing style Generic 2 indicates that Pro quarterbacks with generic 2 throw style are truly competent at throwing the ball, at least in terms of what Madden says about their throwing talents.

Madden NFL 23: Traditional 1 Throw Style

Although it seems shocking to see traditional 1 make it onto this list, it is something that shouldn't be disregarded in any way. As for the review, it might not be the best, but it absolutely isn't the worst either. We wouldn't have chosen this as our first choice, but if we had to stick with it, we wouldn't be going to be too upset about it either.

Furthermore, as a result of tweaking their best 4 throw techniques, Once the game is started for the first time, the player is given the choice of three distinct passing methods. Three distinct passing schemes available, including the traditional one and two others, allow for more customization of pass attempts.

A lot to take in at once, but learning the various quarterback controls is essential for those interested in playing multiplayer. We've laid down the steps for completing a high pass, a low pass, and a touch pass in Madden NFL 23.

What should you do in Madden NFL 23 when passing high?

By taping the receiver symbol on the controller quickly and simultaneously releasing the controller, players will be able to complete a high-lob throw in Madden NFL 23. If the player presses the receiver symbol while holding L1 on PlayStation or LB on Xbox, the pass will be completed at a high height.

How long a button is kept down determines the arc of a pass. Passing distance is directly proportional to how long you hold down the pass button. Because of this, Madden NFL 23 requires players to swiftly push and release the button in order to complete a high-arcing, looping pass.

What should you do in Madden NFL 23 when passing low?

If you hold the receiver button in Madden NFL 23 (or L2 on PlayStation or LT on Xbox), select the receiver symbol and then press the pass button, you will be able to make a low pass. To execute a bullet pass, the quarterback must press and hold the receiver icon button. This is a hard throw aimed toward the receiver from a low angle, with the goal of reaching him as fast as possible.

A well-thrown bullet ball may either get the receiver through a tight window in the defense or provide him enough time to gain some more yards after the catch.

What should you do in Madden NFL 23 when, touch passing?

Football players refer to touch passes with a relatively high arc as touch passes. The goal is to rapidly get the ball into the receiver's hands while flying above and out of reach of any defenders that are close to the line.

Madden NFL 23 allows you to adjust the height of the throw by adjusting the time that the button is depressed while playing the game. A low, forceful bullet pass may be achieved by holding the button down for an extended period of time. A floating lob pass is produced by tapping the button and releasing it. A touch pass is performed by doing anything in the centre.

Final Thoughts

Our article has just finished going over every throwing and passing technique that Madden 23 has to offer, so now it's time to put those techniques into practice and make sure we know what we are doing. It is a fact that every individual, from Aaron Rodgers to Nathan Peterman, will face a test of their mettle at some point in their career.