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Unlocking Jan-Niklas Beste's TOTS Card in EA FC 24

May-06-2024 PST FC 24

Jan-Niklas Beste's Team of the Season (TOTS) card has arrived in EA FC 24, offering FUT players a chance to add a stellar player to their squads. This guide breaks down the objectives required to unlock Beste's TOTS card, provides strategies for completing each objective, recommends players for your squad, and offers tips for success.

Overview of Jan-Niklas Beste Objectives

To obtain Jan-Niklas Beste's 90 OVR TOTS card, you must complete four distinct objectives within the specified timeframe. These objectives are designed to test various aspects of your gameplay and team-building skills. Here are the objectives:

Unlocking Jan-Niklas Beste's TOTS Card in EA FC 24

National Nomination

Objective: Play nine matches in Squad Battles on at least Semi-Pro difficulty or in Rivals/Champions mode with a squad containing at least three German players.

Reward: 80+ x2 Rare Gold Players Pack

Impeccable Assistance

Objective: Assist a goal using a Through Ball in four separate matches in Squad Battles on at least Semi-Pro difficulty.

Reward: 250 XP and 81+ x2 Rare Gold Players Pack

Bundesliga Debut

Objective: Win seven matches in Squad Battles on at least Semi-Pro difficulty or in Rivals/Champions mode with a squad containing at least five Bundesliga players.

Reward: 250 XP and 81+ x2 Rare Gold Players Pack

Precise Finisher

Objective: Score seven goals using a Finesse Shot in Squad Battles on at least Semi-Pro difficulty or in Rivals/Champions mode.

Reward: 75+ x5 Rare Gold Players Pack

Tips for Completing Jan-Niklas Beste Objectives

Building Your Squad

German Players: Start by adding German players to your squad. Look for players like Jamal Musiala, Florian Wirtz, Matthias Ginter, Marco Reus, Julian Brandt, and Timo Werner. Having a mix of positions (defenders, midfielders, and attackers) ensures flexibility in meeting the objectives.

Bundesliga Players: Focus on Bundesliga players for the Bundesliga Debut objective. Consider players from top Bundesliga clubs like Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig, and Bayer Leverkusen.

Skillful Players: Include players with high skill ratings (4-Star or above) to execute Through Balls and Finesse Shots effectively. These players are crucial for completing the Impeccable Assistance and Precise Finisher objectives.

Strategies for Each Objective

National Nomination:

Play Squad Battles on Semi-Pro difficulty or higher for easier wins.

Ensure your squad has at least three German players in the starting lineup.

Rotate your squad if needed to maintain fitness levels.

Utilize tactics that suit your playstyle and capitalize on your players' strengths.

Impeccable Assistance:

Focus on setting up Through Ball assists in four separate matches.

Use players with good passing and vision stats for accurate Through Balls.

Watch for opportunities where opponents' defenses are open, and execute the Through Ball assist swiftly.

Practice timing and placement to increase your chances of successful assists.

Bundesliga Debut:

Prioritize winning matches while fielding at least five Bundesliga players.

Adjust your tactics based on your opponent's playstyle and strengths.

Utilize the strengths of your Bundesliga players, such as speed, passing, and shooting.

Stay focused on the objective while adapting to in-game situations.

Precise Finisher:

Concentrate on scoring goals using Finesse Shots in Squad Battles matches.

Position your players effectively to create scoring opportunities.

Use players with high shooting and dribbling attributes for better Finesse Shots.

Practice your Finesse Shot timing and aim to improve accuracy.

Additional Tips

Time Management: Plan your gaming sessions to allocate enough time for completing the objectives before the expiration date.

Consistency: Play regularly to maintain momentum and progress steadily toward completing the objectives.

Adaptability: Adjust your tactics and squad based on the specific requirements of each objective.

Patience: Stay patient and focused, especially during challenging matches or when attempting specific tasks like Through Ball assists or Finesse Shots.

Community Resources: Engage with the FUT community for tips, strategies, and updates related to the objectives and gameplay.

By following these tips and strategies, you can navigate the Jan-Niklas Beste objectives in EA FC 24 effectively and unlock his impressive TOTS card for your squad. Also you can buy cheap FC 24 Coins from mmoexp.com, get more FC 24 cards what you want. Good luck on your FUT journey!

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