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​What Are Strategy Items and How to Get in MUT 23

Dec-23-2022 PST Madden 23

Are you ready to show your Football skills by creating and managing your dream team in Madden Ultimate Team 23? If yes, then this strategy item will help you a lot. Strategy Items are back in the Madden Ultimate Team 23 again, and along with these items, a lot of questions have been rising in the minds of players regarding them. These questions include what strategy items are and how you can get them in Madden NFL 23, and below are answers to these questions.

What are Strategy Items in Madden Ultimate Team 23?

Strategy items, also known as strategy cards, are a boost that players can equip to boost the performance of their team. For now, three types of strategy items or cards are available in Madden Ultimate Team 23. These include common, uncommon, and rare cards. These cards are often recognized by their colors: green for uncommon cards, silver for common cards, blue for rare cards, and purple for epic cards. Epic or purple color cards are very rare, and they are available in two tiers only. Based on their color and rarity, the boosts are provided to the team or to the player. Common or silver color cards boost one point only, while green or uncommon cards boost two points. Rare or blue color cards boost three points. If you have epic cards in the inventory, don’t forget to pair them with both attacking and defensive items of the same category to get the most out of them.

How to get Strategy Items in Madden Ultimate Team 23?

Now that you know everything about strategy items or cards, the next thing you will want is to get your hands on some cards so you can try them. There are many methods to get these items in Madden Ultimate Team 23. One straight method is to purchase them directly from the auction house using madden 23 coins. The best thing about this method is that these cards don’t require any upgrade at all, and you can use them immediately. Below are some more methods to get these cards without spending any money, but you will have to grind for them.

· Complete daily objectives for random cards

· Complete sets for uncommon and rare strategy cards

· Level the season one field pass to get Sam-Mike-Will, Pass Protector, The Line, Bruiser, Lockdown, and the general field cards

Best Strategy Items in Madden Ultimate Team 23

If you don’t want to waste your time trying all the available strategy items to pinpoint which items work best for you, here are some of the best items that are tried by professional players. You should start using these items but also experiment with your setup as well. Anything with a three boost is rare itself, so choose the items accordingly.

1. Best Offensive Strategy Items

Let It Rip (QB/OL)

Let it Rip is an epic strategy item that provides players with boosts to throwing power, impact blocking, and deep accuracy. These skills are very important when I come to pass the ball between players on the field. You also need these skills for running the ball.

On The Move (HB/QB)

One the move is a rare item that offers a boost to spin move, break tackle, and juke move. In the early stages of the game, your team will need running backs along with breaking a tackle and juking spin, which is provided by one the move.

Reel In (WR)

For wide receivers, the Reel is a pretty good strategy item as it provides them with a boost for a spectacular catch, short route running, and a catch in traffic.

Deep Route Specialist (WR)

Deep route specialist is another strategy item for attacking the opposition as it provides your team with deep route running, spectacular catch, and release boosts.

2. Best Defensive Strategy Items

Ball Hawk (CB)

With a boost for zone and man coverage at corners, your defense is pretty great with the ball hawk item. Those who have already played any online match in Madden Ultimate Team 23 will know the importance of man coverage. It is one of the most expensive strategy items in the entire game. You can buy it from the auction house for twenty-three mut 23 coins.  

In The Zone (CB/FS)

In the zone is the second of the only epic strategy item in Madden Ultimate Team 23. This item provides players with play recognition, press to multiple positions, and zone coverage boosts. Despite being an epic item, the price of in the zone is still less compared to the ball hawk item, but both are worth the money and effort. Player recognition is often overlooked by players. They play an important role in increasing the reflexes of your player to make them decide quickly on the field.