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​What do you want to see in Madden 23

Apr-25-2022 PST Madden 23

Today, tell us your thinking about Madden 23 on MMOexp....

For the past two years, I've been creating conceptual art for the next Madden game coming out. I have built my concepts on ideas I've come up with which I believe could improve the game. However, I decided this year that I'd reach to the community to find out which ideas are most requested or popular.

If it's a brand-new game mode that you want to put in, a new game mode you'd like to remove or features you believe require to be added. Also suggestions to improve existing games you think could enhance them (again by removing existing features or creating new features).

Also , if there are any particular styles you would like the game to appear similar to, include those as well. I am not a fan of the menu design the first time you start the game. I'm looking change it and if anyone has any suggestions or ideas, please contact me.

I'd like this to be an enjoyable project to demonstrate to EA (not the fact that EA will notice this or even be interested) how if we listen to the people around you, it is possible to build something amazing.

These are only visual representations of menus and the like and I'm not able to change anything regarding the Frostbite engine as the main issue in the game right moment, it's just conceptual designs and visuals.

Thank you guys! You know this is my view,... Now you say... thank you again... And madden 23 coins will coming, best service all the time.