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​Who Will Be On The Cover This Year In Madden 23

May-27-2022 PST Madden 23

Hey there, Madden 23 will coming... We can anticipate Electronic Arts to announce the Madden 23 cover star in June if previous timelines are any sign. That means that until then, we have to speculate. Each year the player who is deemed"the" Madden cover star is the subject of speculation, debate and awe from all areas of the fan base.

Since the beginning it has been over the years, Madden covers have been thought of as the most debated box art of a sports sim around the globe. While other series like FIFA as well as NBA 2K have now prompted to have their own discussions about cover designs but Madden's cover has been a focal point of debate for decades. Madden Cover has been a source of intense debate for over two decades now in the summer and spring, that debate is rekindled.

There's always a plethora of stars to grace the cover, and lots of the enjoyment is trying to figure out who can accurately guess -- or at least be able to argue for who will appear featured on the cover when the new Madden launch every August. The game this year is no different, featuring several athletes at their prime, as well as young players who are already making arguments for their potential Hall of Fame inductions.

With this in our minds, we've compiled a an alphabetical list of the players we believe will grace this year's cover Madden NFL 23. Who do you think will appear featured on the cover this year? The views of Mark Delaney... here:

1,Justin Herbert, Chargers QB

Herbie was full of players this season, only one incredibly chaotic overtime game close to reaching the playoffs. In 2022, Herbert as well as his fellow Chargers are the team to follow because free agency players have bolstered the roster, giving Herbert the best chance of succeed. EA might see that success is coming and grant Herbert his cover for August, which appears to be a brand of psychics in January.

2,Russell Wilson Broncos QB

"Go Hawks!" is no more. Instead, the infamously sloganeering Wilson has created "Let's Ride" for his new fans and his teammates in Denver. The presence of Wilson in the locker room was criticized as being irritating over the years the fans are awed by a winner and he's a great choice to have his winning streak and the new jersey colors to Madden's cover. Madden cover, possibly to suggest that the Madden series has received an overhaul similar to his own.

3,Ja'Marr Chase, WR Bengals

After completing one of the most memorable wideout seasons during NFL past, J'Marr Cleave has two qualities EA is a fan of to create its Madden cover artwork: a player with a high upside and a player who's yet to been able to reach their goal.

As amazing as Chase was last year the 2022 season will likely to be more impressive as Cincy's new offensive line will allow Chase more time to work on games-breaking plays alongside his young QB.

4,Josh Allen, Bills QB

It's impossible to underestimate how powerful Josh Allen was in his final game in 2021. Allen was nearly perfect, beating Patrick Mahomes in an overtime game in which a lot of fans called for a foul because the rules didn't give Allen the chance to react to the Chiefs scoring a first-drive touchdown in order to finish this game at OT. Allen will enter 2022 with an ego-splitting shoulder and EA might like the idea of promoting the game in this way. "Take it," "Prove yourself." The company is a fan of slogans that is similar to this. It could be a good fit for an Allen-led advertising campaign.

5,Aaron Donald, Rams DL

Another avenue EA could consider for its cover star is obviously one of the top players who are on the team that is defending its title this autumn. Aaron Donald has somehow never been featured on the Madden cover previously despite being the most effective defensive player on the field for nearly 10 years now. Are we in the midst of a new season? Donald has been contemplating retirement in the offseason, which means that the 2022 season could be his last season on the field and first time on Madden. Madden cover.

6,Joe Burrow, Bengals QB

Everybody loves a QB. EA is so fond of them that they chose to put not two quarterbacks, but one in the front cover of Madden 22. They had both previously been featured included on the Madden cover in the past. For Madden 23 If EA would like to highlight the next generation of quarterbacks, like it did in the past (Brady aside), Burrow is as an intelligent choice as any. Burrow is flashy in the manner EA prefers, as well, giving a certain edge to the field as well as Madden's art work.

7,Cooper Kupp, Rams WR

Cooper Kupp isn't at all extravagant like Burrow However, should EA would like to draw inspiration from his quiet confidence and unparalleled dedication to work, Kupp's status as the reigning Super Bowl MVP makes a good deal of sense. This could be particularly well if the current version of Madden is focused on improving the mechanics of wideouts like in previous years. EA has demonstrated an interest in presenting an athlete that is compatible with a prominent new feature within the sport.

8,Derrick Henry, Titans RB

Although the Madden team could miss a great chance to place #22 as the front cover for Madden 22. Derrick Henry's career would've been a source of mush to the Madden Curse fans after he was injured for in the third quarter through the season. He was also unproductive in one game in the playoffs following injury. However, there is no doubt about Henry's incredible ability to continue to pound the ball his way through the field, and so he'll be back this season and prove to be the best running back on the NFL.

9,John Madden famous broadcaster and head coach

Following John Madden retired as one of the most famous coaching staffs in NFL history He went onto become among the top admired colour commentators of NFL broadcasting history. In fact, it's the name that appears on each box that contains Madden game, even though his voice isn't in playing, and in his appearance on the front cover since the beginning of time. After his death it is expected that to see the Madden team to pay tribute to the late legend in some way. We can be sure that you'll see him in the game's top-end edition, likely known as"The All-Madden Edition, if we could guess. Maybe he'll even be the cover artist for the standard game's box art, too.

Some speculations here I'm interested in this. Which person do you expect to make the cover of this year's issue? Tell us your thoughts and share with us. Thanks. And MMOexp Madden 23 Coins for sale when Madden 23 beta day.