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​Will Madden 22 have this choice

Aug-07-2021 PST Madden 22

Will Madden 22 have a cautious player lock camera alternative? Did Madden 21? 20? and so forth...

I feel this is a somewhat basic inquiry that I totally can't track down a direct response to, regardless of whether it be discussions from Google look, YouTube, Reddit and so on I can't search out the appropriate response myself cause I haven't possessed a Madden since 17, and before that Madden 25.

Anyway I do realize that on Madden 17 and 18, players had the capacity, when playing on guard, to change to a camera mode that was behind the chosen protective player, confronting the offense, giving you a safeguards perspective on the field. I actually adored this, it made playing guarded considerably more vivid, testing and fascinating, particularly in establishment mode.

What other Madden games have this component? Did it get eliminated after 18, is this why I can't discover anything about it or anybody discussing it? Will Madden 22 have this alternative? It weighs intensely in my choice to at long last buy another Madden.

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