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6 Effective Strategies to Accumulate Silvers in Skull And Bones

Mar-16-2024 PST Skull and Bones

In the exhilarating realm of Skull And Bones, the pursuit of wealth is a cornerstone of your pirating journey. Whether through plundering, trading, or outright theft, accumulating Skull And Bones Silver are both important goals. Here are six proven methods to bolster your coffers:

6 Effective Strategies to Accumulate Silvers in Skull And Bones

Main Story and Side Quests

Navigate the main storyline until you acquire your initial ship at Sainte-Anne. Continuing these missions provides a steady influx of Silver, essential for early-game progression. Main and side quests, distinguished by unique icons on the map, offer lucrative rewards upon completion.

Plundering Ships and Settlements

Engage in ship combat cautiously, targeting vessels of equal or lower level. Employing a spyglass reveals the Silver haul from potential victims. Exercise caution; attacking ships may provoke retaliation from faction vessels and defensive structures. As your prowess increases, plundering settlements becomes a viable option, though expect heightened resistance proportional to your faction hostility level.

Exploring Shipwreck Sites

Scour the shores for shipwrecks, marked on the map, and utilize the appropriate Crowbar to pry them open. Successful navigation of the mini-game yields various treasures, including Silver. Shipwrecks of differing tiers demand corresponding Crowbars, adding an element of strategy to this lucrative endeavor.

Commodity Sales

Accumulate commodities from diverse sources such as shipwrecks, quests, and plunder. These tradeable goods fetch handsome returns when sold to Commodity Traders at outposts. Select your trading post wisely, as values fluctuate based on faction preferences.

Bounty Quests and Job Board

Upon attaining ship level six, tackle high-tier missions available on the Job Board and Bounty Quests. Engagements range from smuggling to vanquishing formidable adversaries. Exercise caution and ensure preparedness before undertaking these challenging tasks.

Cutthroat Cargo Event

Embrace the thrill of PvP with the Cutthroat Cargo event, where you vie for a Legendary Treasure Map. Navigate treacherous waters, locate the map, and race against rivals to unearth the treasure. Success rewards abundant Silver and rare treasures, enriching your coffers significantly.

In the vast expanse of Skull And Bones, Silver reigns supreme as the currency of ambition and opportunity. Employ these strategies judiciously, and watch your wealth burgeon as you navigate the high seas with cunning and guile.

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