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A Guide to Ship Customization in Skull and Bones

May-27-2024 PST Skull and Bones

Embark on your journey as a formidable pirate captain in Skull and Bones, where the seas are ripe for plunder and conquest. One of the pivotal aspects of your pirate career is customizing your ship to suit your playstyle and maximize your effectiveness in naval combat. Here's a comprehensive guide to building the ultimate pirate vessel in Skull and Bones, focusing on the renowned Hullbreaker Brigantine.

A Guide to Ship Customization in Skull and Bones

Ship: Hullbreaker Brigantine

The Hullbreaker Brigantine is a force to be reckoned with on the high seas, boasting the ability to ram enemy vessels and inflict devastating flooding damage. Acquiring the plans for this formidable ship can be done by visiting the Corrupt DMC Officer at the Ruined Lighthouse base in the East Indies, albeit for a hefty sum of around 16,000 silver.

Gathering the necessary materials to construct the Brigantine presents its own challenges. Utilize the in-game guide to locate rare materials, and don't shy away from engaging in battles or completing missions to procure them. For those seeking a swift path to power, investing in Torsion Springs through the battle pass can expedite the process.

Armor: Black Prince and Ouroboros

Equip your vessel with the resilient Black Prince armor, obtainable from the Helm Black Market for 450 Sovereigns. Engage in Pieces of Eight activities to earn Sovereigns, and leverage the "Resolute" perk of the Black Prince to withstand incoming damage when your ship's health is critical.

For those eyeing even greater defensive capabilities, aim to acquire the Ouroboros armor by collecting monstrous teeth from formidable adversaries like Zamaharibu. While the journey to obtain Ouroboros may be arduous, its formidable defenses make it a worthy investment.

Bow: Scurlock's Long Nines

Arm your ship's bow with the unparalleled range and precision of Scurlock's Long Nines cannons. These cannons excel in striking enemy sails and delivering devastating blows with perks like Tearing II and Piercing III. Engage in the Helm supply/crafting loop to produce Gold Skull Rum, essential for acquiring Scurlock's Long Nines.

Starboard: Rahma's Legacy

Opt for Rahma's Legacy torpedoes on your starboard side, boasting unparalleled damage potential with the Cataclysmic perk. Craft these torpedoes using Black Lotus Opium, obtained through a similar process as acquiring Scurlock's Long Nines.

Port: Zamzama III and Carronade

On the port side, equip your vessel with Zamzama III cannons for incendiary prowess, supplemented by the Carronade cannons for extended range and devastating damage output. Secure the blueprints for Zamzama III from the Sainte Anne black market, and consider swapping between Carronade and Zamzama III based on tactical needs.

Stern: Carronade

Consider outfitting your stern with Carronade cannons for their impactful damage potential and perks like Flooding 1 and Riptide. Acquire these cannons through diligent efforts in the smuggler's pass.

Auxiliary: Mortar III and Leopold III

Utilize the Mortar III auxiliary weapon for widespread damage and base plundering, while working towards acquiring the plans for the superior Leopold III. Master the art of mortar deployment to effectively neutralize enemy threats and fortifications.

Furniture: Rope Locker and Maintenance Forge

Enhance your ship's maneuverability with the Rope Locker, providing a substantial acceleration boost when trimming sails at full Stamina. Additionally, consider installing the Maintenance Forge to swiftly repair major damage incurred during combat, minimizing downtime and maximizing your effectiveness on the high seas.

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MMOexp Skull and Bones Team