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Dark and Darker AP A Guide to the Art of Farming

Feb-20-2024 PST Dark And Darker

Hello everyone! As many of you may have seen, the rewards for the Demigod Exemplar and Voyager ranks in the AP system have been added. If you're eager to earn that coveted Demigod skin and are wondering how to farm AP efficiently, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll delve into some key strategies to help you maximize your AP gains and ascend to the ranks of the elite.

Dark and Darker AP A Guide to the Art of Farming

Clear as Much as Possible

When it comes to AP farming, efficiency is key. Ruins, with its diverse range of mobs and bosses, is your best bet. After confirming that your lobby is clear, split up as a team in the Crypts. Solo-clear rooms to maximize your spread and ensure a maximum floor clear. In Inferno, clearing rooms is equally crucial, as mob kills contribute to your AP. Remember, mob kills are shared, so coordinate with your team to cover more ground efficiently.

Leverage Portals

Interact with portals strategically. Open all red and blue portals you encounter, as they yield valuable AP. Red portals typically grant 30 points, while blue portals offer 10 points each. To further boost your AP, exploit the torch mechanic in Limbo. Turning torches on and off during transitions can accumulate additional AP. Consider this tactic, especially in quieter lobbies, to gain an edge.

Harness Res Alters

Make use of Res Alters strategically in Inferno. Each resurrection grants AP, estimated between 50 to 100 points. Utilize them when the situation allows, particularly after defeating a boss. Coordinate with your teammate to maximize the AP gains, ensuring a well-timed resurrection for additional points.

Master New Bosses

Don't shy away from facing new bosses. While Ruins provides ample opportunities for AP farming, diversifying your gameplay and tackling different bosses can significantly boost your overall AP. Learning new boss mechanics, like the Warlord, is crucial. This knowledge allows you to efficiently farm mini-bosses and bosses across various maps, contributing to a higher AP total.

Optimize Loot for AP

Loot optimization plays a pivotal role in AP farming. Prioritize one-slot sbles (cables) in your inventory and aim for blue and higher-quality items. Drop unnecessary items, such as excess bandages and potions, at the end of your run. While it may be costly to repurchase them, the additional AP gained far outweighs the expense. When looting the pile, focus on maximizing single-slot cables for optimal results.

Maximize Run Efficiency

Always strive for efficiency in your runs. Clear each room thoroughly, loot the pile, and only leave when you've maximized your clearing potential. Prioritize opening portals at the very end to ensure you've covered every inch of the map for AP gains.

By combining these strategies and paying attention to the details, you can elevate your AP farming game and achieve those staggering AP totals. Remember, success lies in the meticulous execution of these tactics. So, gear up, coordinate with your team, and embark on your journey to Demigod glory. Happy farming - get more Dark and Darker Gold and DnD items!

MMOexp Dark and Darker Team