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Dark And Darker: Extraction Guide

Apr-16-2024 PST Dark And Darker

Welcome to the heart-pounding world of Dark And Darker, where survival means mastering the art of extraction amidst the chaos of PvPvE gameplay. In this loot-based FPS adventure, every dungeon run is a gamble, with enemies lurking at every turn and the looming threat of losing everything if you don't make it out alive. Let's delve into the strategies for successful extraction on the various levels of Dark And Darker.

Dark And Darker: Extraction Guide

How To Extract in Dark And Darker

Extracting is your lifeline in Dark And Darker, allowing you to escape with your hard-earned loot before meeting a grim fate. Keep these steps in mind to ensure a safe exit:

Spotting Extraction Points: Extraction points are marked by Blue Headstones that emerge from the ground. Listen for the telltale sound of rumbling rocks, signaling the proximity of an extraction point.

Activating the Portal: Approach the Blue Headstone and interact with it by pressing the "F" key on your keyboard. This will open a blue portal, your ticket to safety.

Entering the Portal: Once the portal is active, step into it to initiate the extraction process. Keep an eye out for any nearby threats as you make your escape.

Beware of Red Headstones: Not all portals lead to safety. Red Headstones teleport you to lower floors, where danger lurks but greater rewards await. Exercise caution, especially in High Roller lobbies where these portals are more prevalent.

Important Notes About Extract Portals

Extract portals remain active indefinitely after activation, allowing you to return to them later if needed.

Only one player can enter a Headstone portal before it deactivates, so act quickly to secure your escape.

Be vigilant for both red and blue portals, as they often spawn in close proximity to each other.

Keep an eye on the notifications in the top right of your screen to stay informed about portal spawns.

Difficulty Levels Determined By Floor Number

As you descend into the depths of Dark And Darker, expect the challenges to intensify. Each floor presents increasingly difficult encounters, testing your skills and teamwork. Remember these tips to navigate the escalating dangers:

Consider teaming up with other players, as Dark And Darker is particularly unforgiving for solo adventurers.

Watch out for the White Ring, a deadly hazard that inflicts damage while you're inside it. Exercise caution, especially if the extraction portal lies beyond its boundaries.

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