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Dark and Darker: Ultimate Fighter Build Guide

Apr-12-2024 PST Dark And Darker

Embarking on the journey in Dark and Darker, selecting the Fighter class is akin to choosing Mario in Super Smash Bros Ultimate - a seemingly straightforward choice that blossoms with complexity the more you delve into it. The Fighter stands as the cornerstone for newcomers, offering a blend of accessibility and depth that can lead to mastery or a stepping stone to the game's more nuanced classes. Think of it as the Ryu of Street Fighter or Guilty Gear's Sol Badguy - deceptively complex beneath its accessible surface.

Dark and Darker: Ultimate Fighter Build Guide

The Fighter's Domain: Strengths and Weaknesses

At its core, the Fighter excels as the vanguard, a beacon of strength in the heat of battle, donning the iconic plate armor of legendary knights. This class offers versatility in combat, with proficiency in everything from ranged attacks to wielding massive two-handed weapons. However, understanding its strengths and limitations is key to unleashing its potential.


A versatile arsenal adaptable to any combat scenario.

Exclusive quick-cooldown abilities like Sprint, enhance mobility.

Superior healing capabilities through the Second Wind skill.

Exceptional tankiness, rivaling even the Barbarian, with strategic armor choices.


Jack of all trades, master of none. The Fighter excels in balance but tops no specific area.

Skills are practical yet lack the excitement found in other classes.

Spells are beyond the Fighter's reach, limiting magical engagements.

Stealth and speed take a hit in full armor, making the Fighter conspicuous and ponderous.

Skill Selection: The Fighter's Arsenal

Despite a generalist approach to skills, two stand out for their universal utility: Second Wind and Sprint. Second Wind offers significant heal and negates adverse effects from adrenaline rushes, while Sprint boosts mobility, which is crucial for engaging or disengaging effectively.

Perks That Shine

The Fighter's true diversity shines through its perks, with each one opening new tactical avenues. Notables include:

Combo Attack: Capitalizes on the Fighter's frequent strikes, enhancing damage output.

Defense Expert: Bolsters the Fighter's already formidable tankiness with plate armor.

Swift: Mitigates the mobility issues that come with heavy armor.

Weapon Mastery: A game-changer that diversifies the Fighter's weapon choices, making any weapon viable.

Armor and Weapon Strategy

Armor: Plate is the Fighter's bread and butter, offering unmatched defense. Opt for a plate unless a rare leather piece significantly boosts key stats or provides a unique advantage.

Weapons: With Weapon Mastery, the Fighter can wield nearly anything effectively, from Longbows for versatility to Halberds for reach and damage. The Falchion and Zweihander are top picks for melee, offering great damage and surprising opponents with their capabilities.

Closing Strategy and Tips

The Fighter is the perfect class for both beginners to Dark and Darker and veterans looking for a versatile, robust character. Here are a few final tips to maximize your Fighter's potential:

Bow Mastery: Incorporating bows can turn the Fighter into a formidable ranged threat.

Conserve Second Wind: Save this powerful heal for critical PvP encounters or emergency revivals.

Master Blocking: Understanding and leveraging the block mechanic can significantly enhance your defensive capabilities.

Experiment with Thrown Weapons: Thrown knives and axes can catch opponents off-guard, adding an element of surprise to your arsenal.

In conclusion, the Fighter class serves as a solid foundation in Dark and Darker, offering players the flexibility to explore various combat styles and strategies. Whether you're charging into the fray or supporting from a distance, the Fighter adapts, endures, and excels.

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