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Diablo 4 Gold Well Spent Side Quest Guide

May-22-2024 PST Diablo4

Diablo 4 offers players numerous side quests that enrich the game world and provide valuable rewards. This guide covers the "Gold Well Spent" side quest located in the Fractured Peaks zone. It includes details on where to start the quest, objectives, maps, strategies, tips, and any relevant prerequisites and follow-up quests. Completing side quests contributes +30 zone renown, alongside scaling amounts of Diablo 4 gold and experience.

Diablo 4 Gold Well Spent Side Quest Guide

Gold Well Spent Quick Facts

Quest Name: Gold Well Spent

Location: Menestad, Fractured Peaks

Quest Start: Meros

Quest End: Return to Meros

Recommended Level: Level 5+

Prerequisite(s): None

Leads To: None

Quest Summary: A local merchant, Meros, seeks your help in retrieving stolen goods from thugs who have been extorting him.

Gold Well Spent Objectives and Strategy


Speak to Meros

Find Luskas

Defeat Luskas and his henchmen

Retrieve the Payment of Gemstones

Return to Meros


Step 1: Speak to Meros

Upon arriving in Menestad, locate Meros standing to the right of the Healer, just south of the Waypoint. Meros will explain that thugs have extorted him for protection money in the form of precious gemstones. He requests your help to recover these gems.

Step 2: Find Luskas

Meros directs you to the northwest. Follow the road a short distance until you reach a small clearing where you'll find Luskas, known as The Cold-Hearted. Instead of cooperating, Luskas will attack you. Prepare for a tough fight as Luskas will summon reinforcements.

Step 3: Defeat Luskas

Engage Luskas and his henchmen. Use your Evade skill to avoid his powerful attacks and focus on taking out the minions quickly to reduce the number of threats. Once Luskas is defeated, collect the Payment of Gemstones from his corpse.

Step 4: Return to Meros

With the gemstones in hand, return to Menestad. You can either run back or use the Waypoint if it's already unlocked. Hand over the gemstones to Meros to complete the quest.

Gold Well Spent Tips and Tricks

Menestad Waypoint: Make sure to activate the Menestad Waypoint for easier access to other quests and dungeons in the area.

Avoiding Damage: Luskas can deal significant damage, so utilize your Evade skill frequently to avoid his attacks.

Altars of Lilith: Two Altars of Lilith are near Luskas' location, specifically numbers 27 and 28 in the Fractured Peaks Altars of Lilith guide.

World Event: On your way to Luskas, you'll pass a World Event spawn point. Consider stopping to farm Murmuring Obols.

Gold Well Spent Rewards

Upon completion, you will receive:

Fractured Peaks Renown

Gold and experience (scaled to your level)

Gem Cache

Completing side quests is a great way to enhance your character and gain valuable Diablo 4 Items and Diablo 4 Materials in Diablo IV. Happy adventuring!

MMOexp Diablo 4 Team