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Elden Ring Beginner's Guide: the Basics for New Tarnished

May-24-2024 PST Elden Ring

Welcome, fellow Tarnished! If you're new to Elden Ring or FromSoftware games in general, you might find the game's mechanics a bit overwhelming. This guide is designed to help you understand the basics, from your first steps in the game to managing stats, combat, and magic. Let's dive in!

Elden Ring Beginner's Guide: the Basics for New Tarnished

Starting Out: The Tutorial

When you first spawn in the dark cave area, your attention might be drawn to the golden tree and the door behind it. However, it's crucial to explore the tutorial cave of knowledge first. This tutorial covers the basics of combat, such as heavy and light attacks, blocking, backstabbing, and using magic. Completing it will provide you with a solid foundation for the challenges ahead.

Character Attributes and Stats

Understanding your character's stats is key to survival and progression in Elden Ring. Here’s a quick breakdown of each attribute:

· Vigor: Increases your overall HP (health), allowing you to survive more attacks.

· Mind: Increases your FP (magic bar), enabling you to cast more spells or use special abilities.

· Endurance: Increases your stamina bar and equip load, allowing you to sprint, roll, block, and attack for longer periods.

· Strength: Serves as a damage modifier and requirement for strength-based weapons.

· Dexterity: Primary damage modifier for dexterity-based weapons; also affects casting speed of spells.

· Intelligence: Damage modifier and usage requirement for sorceries.

· Faith: Damage modifier and usage requirement for most incantations.

· Arcane: Affects certain sorceries and incantations, and determines item discovery rate from enemies.

Leveling Up and Attributes

Killing enemies grants you runes, which you can spend to level up at Sites of Grace. After meeting Melina, who appears after you touch three Sites of Grace and rest at the third, you can start leveling up your attributes. Here's what each attribute does:

· Vigor: Boosts your health pool.

· Mind: Increases your magic pool (FP).

· Endurance: Enhances stamina and equip load.

· Strength & Dexterity: Improve weapon effectiveness, depending on weapon scaling.

· Intelligence & Faith: Enhance magical abilities, determining the power and usability of spells.

· Arcane: Affects certain spells and item discovery.

Combat Basics

· Stamina Management: Essential for all combat actions. Watch your stamina gauge and avoid depleting it entirely.

· Equip Load: Affects your movement and rolling speed. Stay under 70% of your equip load to avoid slow, ineffective rolls.

· Blocking and Dodging: Use shields to block attacks but remember it depletes stamina. Dodging at the right time gives you invincibility frames.

Using Magic

Magic in Elden Ring is divided into two categories:

· Sorcery (Intelligence): Offensive spells.

· Incantations (Faith): Defensive or supportive spells, with some offensive options.

You need memory slots to equip spells, and these can be expanded by finding memory stones. More Elden Ring Runes from MMOexp. Use staves for sorcery and sacred seals for incantations. Pay attention to the attribute requirements of each spell to use them effectively.

Exploring and Navigating the Map

The map starts grayed out, revealing itself as you explore. Look for map fragments in the world, often guarded by enemies. Finding these helps significantly with navigation. Use your mount, Torrent, for faster travel and to reach hard-to-access areas.

Spirit Summons

After meeting Melina, head to the Church of Elleh to obtain the Spirit Calling Bell from Renna. This allows you to summon spirit allies during battles. Summons can distract enemies, deal damage, or provide support. Upgrade your spirit ashes to enhance their effectiveness.

Managing Your HUD and Quick Slots

Keep your HUD visible to monitor your status easily. Organize your quick slots for easy access to essential items like health flasks and spells. Holding down on the D-pad jumps to your first quick item, usually your health flask.

Flasks and Crafting

· Flasks: Crimson (health) and Cerulean (FP) flasks are vital. Increase charges with Golden Seeds and potency with Sacred Tears.

· Crafting: Purchase a crafting kit from Merchant Kalei at the Church of Elleh. Collect cookbooks to learn recipes for crafting useful items.

Online Features

Elden Ring's online features include co-op play and invasions. Use summoning pools and Furlcalling Finger Remedies to find co-op partners or prepare for potential invasions by other players. Bloodstains and messages left by other players can provide valuable insights or warnings.

Saving and Progress

Elden Ring autosaves regularly, but remember to use the "Quit Game" function to avoid corrupting your save data. Be cautious, as the game cannot be paused, and quitting during boss fights resets the encounter.

Final Tips

· Explore thoroughly: Hidden items and paths are everywhere.

· Experiment with builds: Try different weapons and magic to find what suits your playstyle.

· Stay patient: The game is challenging but rewarding. Learn from each death and keep improving.

If there’s more you want to know about combat mechanics, weapon upgrades, or other advanced topics, let me know in the comments! Enjoy your journey in the Lands Between, Tarnished. Happy adventuring!

Feel free to ask any questions or request further guides on specific aspects of Elden Ring. Good luck, and may your path be filled with glory!

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MMOexp Elden Ring Team