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Elden Ring: From Easy Tricks to Near-Impossible Feats

May-27-2024 PST Elden Ring

The Elden Ring community is renowned for pushing the limits of what’s possible in the game. In this guide, we’ll walk through eight skills ranging from easy to near-impossible, showcasing both speedrunning techniques and player-versus-player (PvP) maneuvers. By the end, you'll be equipped to attempt some truly game-breaking mechanics. In the meantime, players can buy great Elden Ring Runes at MMOexp.

Elden Ring: From Easy Tricks to Near-Impossible Feats

1. Elevator Skips

Difficulty: Easy

Description: Elevator skips are a popular speedrunning technique where you suicide drop down an elevator shaft, using your corpse to press the button.

How to Perform:

· Location: Atlas Plateau, near the abandoned coffin Grace.

· Method: Use your horse to jump down the shaft. Aim for a central position so your body lands near the button.

· Tips: Central positioning is key. With each patch, more elevators get fixed, so this trick may not always work.

2. Wave Dashing

Difficulty: Easy

Description: A movement technique involving repeated crouching and uncrouching while sprinting, providing a small speed boost and unpredictability in PvP.

How to Perform:

· Technique: Crouch and uncrouch repeatedly while sprinting.

· Benefits: Superior crouch attacks (e.g., with colossal swords or dual great spears) and stamina regeneration.

· Tips: Timing is crucial. Avoid spamming; maintain a rhythm.

3. Reverse Backstep

Difficulty: Easy

Description: A maneuver allowing instant character snap-turns for unpredictable movement and attack setups.

How to Perform:

· Technique: Tap the dodge button slightly before the direction stick for a backstep.

· Benefits: Different movesets for backstep attacks, useful for mix-ups in PvP.

· Tips: Practice chaining the moves to ensure smooth execution.

4. Quick Step (Reverse)

Difficulty: Easy

Description: Quick Step is an Ash of War skill that, when performed in reverse, enables you to maintain offensive momentum while moving backward.

How to Perform:

· Weapon Choice: Infuse Quick Step onto a weapon like the Rapier.

· Technique: Quick step backward then attack to perform a backstep attack moving forward.

· Tips: Familiarize yourself with the L2 button for this maneuver instead of the roll button.

5. Advanced Elevator Skip with Ruptured Tear

Difficulty: Moderate

Description: An advanced speedrunning trick involving an elevator skip and the ruptured Crystal Tear.

How to Perform:

· Location: Tower of Return.

· Method: Stand between two pillars above the elevator, drink the ruptured Crystal Tear, and perform a heavy attack mid-fall.

· Tips: Timing and positioning are critical. Use dual Bandits curved swords for their recovery animation.

6. Menu Swapping

Difficulty: Moderate

Description: A technique to swap weapons mid-combat, useful for changing to a repost-suited weapon like the Miséricorde.

How to Perform:

· Technique: Parry an enemy, open the menu, select and equip a new weapon, then perform a repost.

· Challenges: Patch 1.05 added menu delays, making this harder.

· Tips: Practice on less punishing enemies and optimize your inventory layout.

7. Move Swap for Air Running

Difficulty: Hard

Description: A glitch that allows you to run on air by swapping weapon animations.

How to Perform:

· Weapons: Left hand Uchigatana to Devourer’s Scepter.

· Technique: Perform a light attack, then quickly open the menu, and swap the Uchigatana to the Scepter.

· Tips: Ensure the correct weapon is two-handed. Practice the timing on solid ground before attempting in mid-air.

8. The Zip Glitch

Difficulty: Impossible

Description: A frame-perfect glitch allowing instant teleportation, crucial for the fastest speedruns.

How to Perform:

· Requirements: Stable 60 fps, keyboard, and mouse.

· Technique: Walk input 132 frames after blocking, maintain walk for 6-7 frames.

· Tips: Use a metronome for timing. This glitch is extremely challenging and hardware-dependent.

Bonus: Flask Animation Skip

Difficulty: Easy

Description: Quickly drink both types of flasks by crouching.

How to Perform:

· Technique: Crouch while drinking a flask to skip the full animation.

· Benefits: Saves time, especially useful for magic builds.


Mastering these techniques can greatly enhance your gameplay in Elden Ring. While some are straightforward, others require intense practice and precision. Whether for speedrunning or PvP, these skills can provide a competitive edge and elevate your experience. Remember, persistence and patience are key—especially with the more complex maneuvers. Happy gaming!

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MMOexp Elden Ring Team