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How to Enable and Disable Cross-Play on Madden NFL 24

Sep-04-2023 PST Madden 24

Cross-play is coming up to the Madden NFL 24, and EA Sports has introduced it to enable players to enjoy many cooperative game modes like never before. Earlier, you can play matches with players who are on the same platform, but now, players from different platforms can play together. Cross-play features aren't for all Madden 24 players, and players with the latest generation consoles can enjoy it.

Because the cross-play option is coming to the Madden NFL 24 for the first time, players don't have much knowledge about it. But don't worry, as this cross-play guide will help you easily disable and enable the cross-play feature in a few steps. You'll also learn about all the game modes that are supported in the cross-play.

What is cross-play?

Cross-play is a new feature by EA Sports that enable players to play football matches with players from different platforms. In Madden 24, the cross-play feature will work for the latest generation of gaming consoles only. This includes the PlayStation 5, XBOX Series S, and XBOX Series X.

Pros of Cross-Play

When you enable the cross-play option in Madden 24, you'll be able to play football against some of the best players across all the platforms. You can also make new friends. Thousands of new players will be available for matchmaking. There is a separate progression system, and you can compete against more players to show your football skills.

Cons of Cross-play

The matching-making time increases to a great extent when you enable the cross-play feature, as you'll be matched with the right players to keep things fair. If we take a look at the previous track record of EA sports, we should be ready to expect some glitches in cross-play, just like many previous features.

How to enable and disable cross-play?

The cross-play feature changes from platform to platform, so there is no exact guide to disable or enable cross-play for all devices. For starters, the cross-play feature is enabled by default in Madden 24, so you don't have to enable it. This means that you'll join the global leaderboard and progress through it. To disable this option, you can go to the Madden 24 game settings section. For PlayStation 5 and computers, this option is available in the system settings section. If you own an XBOX Series X or an XBOX Series S, you have to go to the system settings section of your console to disable the cross-play feature.

How to enjoy Cross-play?

Now that you have enabled the cross-play option in Madden 24, it is time to join your friends in the fun. To play a cross-play match, you have to go to the social interface of EA Sports in Madden 24. In this section, you have to go to the player search section and use the EA Sports player number to search for your friends and family members. Now that the cross-play feature is enabled, you can even search for your friends who are playing Madden 24 on other platforms.

Which platforms are supported for cross-play?

This is a big question about which platforms are supported for the cross-play feature. According to EA Sports, only the latest generation of gaming consoles are supported for this feature. This leaves us with the below-given options.

· PlayStation 5

· Xbox Series X

· Xbox Series S

· Gaming computers are supported for this feature

All the previous generation consoles won't have this option. These consoles include PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, even though you can enjoy Madden 24 on these platforms.

Which game modes are available for cross-play?

This question is also important because only a handful of game modes are available for cross-play in Madden 24. These game modes are given below.

· Online head-to-head mode

· Madden Ultimate Team

· Superstar knockout

· Superstar Showdown

Sadly, the most popular game mode in Madden 24, called the franchise mode, won't be available for the cross-play feature.

Best Players for Cross-Play

For cross-play, here are the best players with Madden 24 Player Ratings that will ensure your win in all the supported game modes.

· Travis Kelce – He is an X-factor player of the Chiefs with a 99 rating.

· Justin Jefferson – He is an X-factor player of the Vikings with a 99 rating.

· Zack Martin – He is a superstar for the Cowboys with a 99 rating.

· Aaron Donald – He is an X-factor player for the Rams with a 99 rating.

· Patrick Mahomes – He is an X-factor player for the Chiefs with a 99 rating.

· Nick Bosa – He is an X-factor player for the 49ers with a 98 rating.

· Trent Williams – He is a superstar for the 49ers with a 98 rating.

· Lane Johnson – He is a superstar of the Eagles with a 98 rating.

· Myles Garrett – He is an X-Factor player for the Browns with a 98 rating.

· Fred Warner – He is an X-Factor player for the 49ers with an overall rating of 96.

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