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How to Farm Silver Fast in Skull and Bones - 3 Best Ways

Mar-25-2024 PST Skull and Bones

Ubisoft finally released the game that everyone was waiting for in February 2024. We are talking about a role-playing game called Skull and Bones. You’ll be able to experience the pirate life in this adventure game. Set sail in the open sea on your pirate ship and live the life of a pirate on the sea. You will fight with navy warships, merchant ships, and ships of other pirates. The sea is a very dangerous place and a lot of monsters are also waiting for you there. All of this looks dangerous and this is dangerous but you will be able to manage it with enough silver. Earning Silver in Skull and Bones, especially at the start of the game. So, we have the perfect guide to tell you how to farm silver fast in Skull and Bones.

How to Farm Silver Fast in Skull and Bones - 3 Best Ways

What is Silver in Skull and Bones?

Silver is the main currency in Skull and Bones. It is an entry-level currency and you can start making it from day one. Silver is required at every step of the game. You need it to repair your ship after attacking enemies. When you go to vendors to purchase items, you'll pay them with silver. Fast travelling is a great option in Skull and Bones which can cut down the travel time and save a lot of time but it also requires silver coins.

How to farm Silver Fast in Skull and Bones?

In most games, you'll be the good guy but this isn’t the case in Skull and Bones. Here, your job is to be a pirate and loot ships or do other bad stuff. So, don’t worry and start doing what is required to become a wealthy and fearful pirate. Farming silver in Skull and Bones also requires you to do the same. It has been only a month since the game was released so not much is known about the game but our experts have managed to find some ways to farm the silver fast and efficiently. Just like all the other currencies in the game, earning silver also requires grinding but this grinding isn’t that extensive.

1.Loot and Plunder

Pirates are known for looting and plundering whatever comes their way and this is what you'll be doing as well. This is one of the best methods to farm silver fast but there are some risks associated with this method and it requires some good fighting skills. Some of the best locations to plunder for good loot are trade routes and settlements. World events are also pretty good options and you can also get resources by plundering these locations. For those who are in the sea and want to farm silver there, they need to attack rogue ships. Rogue ships are better for looting as they have the best and the most valuable loot in the entire Skull and Bone. You'll also find wrecks of ships and you can search them for free silver.

2.Use treasure Maps

Whether you are helping ships in distress or sinking ships for not paying you ransom, you’ll also find many treasure maps. These treasure maps are somewhat difficult to understand. They can provide some pretty good loot so it is worth the effort to use these maps to find the treasure. Almost all of these treasure chests have thousands of silver coins waiting for you. The treasure is usually available at an outpost. When you reach the destination, just follow clues to find the chest and loot it for rewards.

3.Complete Contracts

Earlier, we asked you to be a bad guy but now we are asking you to be a good guy. You can be a good guy in Skull and Bones as well as make a good amount of silver coins. You just have to take a different route to earn the money. Protection contracts are available in the game that you can take to help ships in distress and earn money in return. When you are in the open sea, you may see a ship emitting yellow smoke. Just go near the ship to start the contract. Sometimes, you need to help them by repairing while other times, you may have to help them reach their destination.

These contracts aren’t that difficult to complete and you should take all these contracts. Various rewards are available for completing the contract like SNB silver and Skull and Bones items. You can sell these items in the market. The only downside of these quests is that you are sometimes attacked by Rogues and you need to protect the ship from them to complete the quest. Therefore, it is recommended to take a good ship with you. There are two benefits of this tip, one is that you receive rewards for completing the contract while the second benefit is that you can loot the rogue’s ships after looting them for items and silver.

MMOexp Skull and Bones Team