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How to get Dragon's Back in Skull and Bones Season 2

Jun-07-2024 PST Skull and Bones

Welcome to Skull and Bones Season 2! Embark on a journey to uncover the secretive outpost of Dragon's Back in the Islands of the Moon region of Skull and Bones. This guide will lead you to its location and reveal the bountiful loot awaiting daring pirates. If you don't want to waste too much time on these things, then choosing to purchase the Skull and Bones Season 2 Items and Silver you want directly at MMOexp is a good choice.

How to get Dragon's Back in Skull and Bones Season 2

Locating Dragon's Back

Navigate to the northwest island within the Islands of the Moon area to discover Dragon's Back, a hidden gem teeming with valuable resources and treasures. Follow these steps to reach this elusive outpost:

Depart from Saint-Anne and sail northwest, traversing the expansive central island until you arrive at the Angaya Coast.

Continue your northwest course, entering the Islands of the Moon zone.

On the largest island's eastern side, marked by an u ndiscovered question mark on your map, lies Dragon's Back. Approach the marker closely and disembark to access the outpost. The journey from Saint-Anne typically takes around 5 minutes.

Potential Loot at Dragon's Back

Dragon's Back offers a plethora of loot for savvy pirates:

An Ungwana Merchant near the landing point provides valuable blueprints for the Fire Long Gun and Bombard Bomb Crate, enabling the crafting of advanced weaponry and ammunition.

Purchase Bombard Bomb Crates from the merchant for 25 SnB silver each, each crate containing 15 bombs for potent explosive capabilities.

A Pirate Bonfire grants a stamina restoration buff, vital for prolonged voyages.

Explore the nearby Fara Camp to discover exotic captain's cosmetics and additional ship supplies.

Hidden Treasures

The remote nature of Dragon's Back makes it an ideal sanctuary for buried riches:

Many treasure maps found in Skull and Bones pinpoint specific dig sites on this island. Refer to your map and head to the designated locations.

Utilize a shovel to unearth hidden chests brimming with rare crafting materials, valuable spices, and unique cosmetic treasures.

The secluded environment ensures these treasures remain undiscovered until intrepid pirates like yourself uncover them.

Tips for a Successful Visit

Prepare adequately for your expedition to Dragon's Back:

Stock up on silver to purchase blueprints, explosives, and provisions from the merchant.

Equip a shovel to unearth buried treasure chests scattered across the island.

Carry Stamina Tonics to endure the lengthy voyage and exploration.

Navigate with an agile ship to maneuver through the turbulent storms often encountered around the Islands of the Moon.

Clear cargo space on your vessel to accommodate the newfound treasures you'll acquire.

With meticulous planning and resourcefulness, your visit to Dragon's Back promises substantial rewards. Safeguard your plunder on the return voyage and revel in the spoils of your daring adventure!

MMOexp Skull and Bones Team