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Palworld: A Surprisingly Heartwarming Journey in Gaming

Feb-02-2024 PST Palworld

When I first stumbled upon Palworld's trailer about a year ago, I was convinced it was some kind of elaborate joke. Given that the last game from Game Freak I had played was Pokémon Yellow, and my general aversion to base-building games, combined with a lingering distrust of early access titles due to past disappointments, I never anticipated it would thaw my icy gamer heart. However, priced at a reasonable $30 and finding myself stuck at home with a bout of COVID, I decided to give it a shot.


To my surprise, Palworld quickly emerged as a strong contender for my game of the year. There's an inexplicable charm to the pals themselves, perhaps rooted in their endearing animations. The essence of the game boils down to the simple joy of "me and my monster buddy," and this formula works seamlessly. Witnessing Lamball's elated expression after crafting something together sparked a connection that resonated deep within me.

Now, 85 hours and over 40 levels later, Palworld continues to captivate me. Riding on the back of my Quivern, engaging in battles against formidable foes, the camaraderie with my colossal, fluffy dragon feels like a childhood dream come true.


My gaming journey took an unexpected turn as I transformed my mountain outpost into a bustling production facility, while my original base underwent a metamorphosis into a combination farming and nursery complex. However, the challenge lies in keeping both establishments adequately supplied with food. The mountain outpost poses fewer difficulties, but the demands of my farm are nothing short of daunting. The struggle is so real that maintaining a surplus to last even an hour of gameplay becomes a relentless task.

The reason for this culinary conundrum? All my cooking pots are devoted to baking cakes for the intricate process of breeding. Currently focused on breeding a top-tier Warsect, I've recently completed successful rounds with an impressive Anubis and Kitsun. The constant need for more pals means my flour and eggs are perpetually channeled into these breeding efforts.


Yet, amidst the chaos of breeding and resource management, Palworld remains an absolute blast. The satisfaction derived from creating a streamlined production chain for my pals and witnessing their growth adds an extra layer of joy to the experience. The prospect of a fully bred and formidable team beckons, promising a relaxing shift from the demanding breeding routine.

In the end, Palworld surprises with its purity of fun, and I'm genuinely grateful that it exists. It's not just a game; it's a heartfelt journey of companionship, challenges, and unexpected delights. From skeptical beginnings to becoming my potential game of the year, Palworld has proven that sometimes, the most unexpected gaming experiences can thaw the coldest of gamer hearts.

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