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Skull And Bones: A Comprehensive Treasure Map Guide

Apr-30-2024 PST Skull and Bones

Embark on an exhilarating quest outside the confines of Sainte-Anne in Skull and Bones alongside the Sea People, loyal allies of Scurlock. Your mission? To deliver weapon caches to this esteemed clan. However, upon reaching their settlement, an opportunity arises to embark on a secondary quest—to recover the lost Sea People Relic.

Skull And Bones: A Comprehensive Treasure Map Guide

To embark on this adventure, you must decipher a treasure map, guiding you to the relic's hidden location. This guide will lead you through the intricacies of locating and reclaiming the Sea People Relic, offering step-by-step instructions for success.

1. Initiating the Quest

Upon accepting the quest to find the Sea People Relic, dubbed "Relics of the Past," ensure it is tracked in your quest log. Access your quest log in-game by pressing RT/R2/X, where you can view a succinct description of your objective along with the treasure map.

2. Following the Trail

The treasure map directs you to Fort Louis on the Tenina Coast, where the buried treasure awaits discovery. Located at the southernmost tip of the map, Fort Louis lies southeast of Sainte-Anne, beyond Learnt Men's Hill.

3. Unveiling the Treasure

Upon reaching Fort Louis, disembark at the small inlet on the island's southern side. Engage with the Fara clan and other pirates who inhabit the area. Proceed straight ahead upon disembarking, then veer left at the stone wall. Not far from a wooden structure, wooden planks will emerge from the sand, signaling the treasure's proximity. Approach the glowing orange light emanating from the sand and initiate the "Dig Up Item" prompt. Your character will unearth the Sea People Relic without requiring additional tools.

4. Completing the Quest

With the relic secured, return to your ship and navigate north to Palisade Bay, situated northwest of Sainte-Anne in The Giant's Leap region. Approach the settlement from the shoreline and interact with its inhabitants to present them with the Sea People Relic. This action culminates in the successful completion of the Relics of the Past quest in Skull and Bones.

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