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Skull and Bones: Guide to Finding Dragon's Back and Its Riches

Jun-08-2024 PST Skull and Bones

Embark on an adventure to uncover the secrets of Dragon's Back and the valuable loot it holds in Skull and Bones. This guide will help you locate Dragon's Back and detail the possible treasures waiting for daring pirates.

Skull and Bones: Guide to Finding Dragon's Back and Its Riches

Locating Dragon's Back

Dragon's Back lies hidden in the Islands of the Moon region, shrouded in mystery and riches. To reach this elusive outpost:

Navigate northwest from Saint-Anne until you reach the Angaya Coast region.

Continue sailing northwest into the Islands of the Moon zone.

Look for an undiscovered question mark on your map indicating Dragon's Back.

Sail towards the marker on the east side of the largest island in the area, a journey of approximately 5 minutes from Saint-Anne.

Possible Loot at Dragon's Back

Upon reaching Dragon's Back, a treasure trove of goods awaits:

An Ungwana Merchant offers blueprints for the Fire Long Gun and Bombard Bomb Crate, essential for crafting advanced weaponry.

Purchase Bombard Bomb Crates for 25 silver each, containing 15 bombs for formidable firepower.

Discover a Pirate Bonfire for a stamina restoration buff and explore the Fara Camp nearby for captain's cosmetics and ship supplies.

Hidden Treasures

Delve into the island's secrets to uncover buried treasures:

Use treasure maps found in Skull and Bones to locate hidden chests filled with rare resources, spices, and unique cosmetics.

Equip a shovel to dig at designated spots and unearth these valuable caches undisturbed by others.

Tips for a Successful Visit

Prepare for your journey to Dragon's Back with these tips:

Bring ample silver to purchase blueprints, supplies, and explosives.

Equip a shovel for treasure hunting and Stamina Tonics for endurance.

Sail a nimble ship to navigate the challenging waters around the Islands of the Moon.

Clear cargo space to haul your newfound riches back to port safely.

With careful planning and a keen eye, Dragon's Back promises riches beyond imagination for intrepid pirates in Skull and Bones.

Before you start your adventure, you need enough Skull and Bones Silver to buy the required SnB Items to ensure a smooth trip. MMOexp provides all of this!

MMOexp Skull and Bones Team