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Skull and Bones Leveling Guide: Accelerating Your Progression in SAB

May-20-2024 PST Skull and Bones

Mastering the art of leveling up swiftly in Skull and Bones is crucial for unlocking its full potential. Whether you aim to keep pace with your crewmates or simply desire to expedite your character's growth, we've compiled the most efficient strategies to help you ascend the ranks rapidly. From understanding the mechanics to meticulous preparations and tactical maneuvers, this guide will ensure you sail smoothly towards your leveling goals.

Skull and Bones Leveling Guide: Accelerating Your Progression in SAB

Level Up Infamy Rank

In Skull and Bones, your Infamy Rank is paramount. It extends up to Kingpin, with each rank unlocking new opportunities and rewards.

Rum Delivery Orders: Secure rum delivery orders from the Order Registry at your helm. Completing these runs grants valuable infamy points.

Rum Production: Cultivate sugarcane at your farm and convert it into white skull rum at the distillery. This facilitates numerous rum delivery runs, essential for increasing infamy.

Combat Tactics: Outfit your ship with mortars, long guns, and torpedoes to swiftly dispatch rogue ships encountered during delivery runs.

Rogue Ship Prioritization: Focus on eliminating rogue ships as they yield three times more infamy compared to regular ships.

Endless Rogue Farming: Avoid completing delivery orders immediately to perpetually engage in combat with spawning rogue ships. This ensures maximum infamy accumulation.

Ship Selection: Opt for a resilient combat vessel like the brig, known for its ramming capabilities and self-healing attributes between rogue encounters.

Additional Benefits: Aside from infamy, rogue ships also drop valuable resources, food items, spices, and chests, aiding in overall progression.

Group Collaboration: Join forces with fellow pirates to tackle formidable rogue ships and world bosses for substantial rewards.


Efficiently managing mult iple quests simultaneously is crucial for continuous engagement and rapid progression through meaningful encounters.

Multitasking: Accept multiple quests from the Order Registry that demand minimal resources to complete.

Resource Management: Carry only the necessary items for one quest, leaving others active to trigger additional enemy spawns.

Quest Chaining: Destroy ships to automatically trigger enemy spawns for subsequent quest objectives, enabling uninterrupted combat.

Combat Focus: Prioritize combat-oriented ships and loadouts to efficiently dispatch enemies.

Mobility Advantage: Stay mobile during quests to ensure the constant spawning of new ships, treating them as interconnected objectives.

Resource Farming: Defeating quest ships not only grants experience but also yields loot and resources, facilitating subsequent quests.

System Exploitation: By continuously spawning linked kills from quests, you can indefinitely level up combat skills through relentless enemy encounters.


Optimize your ship for combat prowess by emphasizing damage-dealing capabilities and selecting loadouts conducive to swift enemy takedowns.

Combat-Centric Ships: Choose agile combat vessels like the Vanguard or Brigantine, prioritizing firepower over defensive attributes.

Loadout Optimization: Maximize the effectiveness of cannons such as Basilisks and equip enhancements that boost damage, rate of fire, and decrease reload times.

Defensive Measures: Consider defensive consumables like the Iron Capstan to prolong survival during extended mob farming sessions.

Offensive Focus: Prioritize enhancements that augment damage-dealing capabilities over survivability upgrades.

Tailored Builds: Customize your loadout to align with your preferred playstyle, whether it's ranged combat or close-quarters engagements.

Strategic Upgrades: Focus on enhancing damage-dealing gear and weaponry before investing in survivability enhancements.

Experimentation: Test various cannons, mortars, and upgrades to discover the most potent configuration for your playstyle.

Optimization: Fully upgrade the most effective Damage over Time tools and ability-focused equipment to maximize your combat effectiveness.

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MMOexp Skull and Bones Team