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Skull and Bones: Mastering Player Trading

May-24-2024 PST Skull and Bones

After years of anticipation, Skull and Bones has set sail, offering players the chance to rule the high seas and carve out their pirate legacy. While solo adventures await, the game's multiplayer features open up opportunities for cooperation and camaraderie. Among these, trading with fellow players stands out as a vital aspect of building wealth and influence in the pirate world. Here's how you can navigate the treacherous waters of player trading in Skull and Bones:

Skull and Bones: Mastering Player Trading

Prepare for the Plunder: As you navigate the vast oceans, keep an eye out for valuable items like materials, treasure maps, and food rations. These can be stored in your warehouse or traded for silver and loot with NPCs or other players.

Set Sail with Companions: Skull and Bones supports multiplayer interactions, allowing up to 20 players on a single server. You can team up with friends or fellow adventurers through online co-op lobbies, creating alliances that strengthen your pirating endeavors.

Initiating a Trade: When you encounter another player, approach them until the "Interact" prompt appears. Then, select "Send Trade Request" to propose a trade. Both parties must agree to the exchange for it to proceed.

Negotiate the Deal: Once the trade request is accepted, choose the items you wish to offer. Coordinate with the other player to finalize the terms of the trade. When both parties are satisfied, confirm the trade to seal the deal.

Seize the Spoils: With the trade concluded, you're free to continue your adventures or extend an invitation to join forces. Trading is just one facet of cooperation in Skull and Bones; players can also assist each other in plundering, gathering resources, and completing contracts.

NPC Outposts as Alternatives: When player trading isn't an option, NPC-run outposts and trade stations provide convenient alternatives. While these lack the dynamic interactions of PvP trading, they remain reliable hubs for conducting business while on the move.

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MMOexp Skull and Bones Team