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Skull and Bones: Pre-Season 01 Feedback Compilation

Mar-01-2024 PST Skull and Bones

Greetings, fellow sailors! I know there have been numerous discussions on various topics, but I've compiled my thoughts into one comprehensive post. Please bear with me as I share my feedback and suggestions for Skull and Bones prior to the Season 01 launch.

Skull and Bones: Pre-Season 01 Feedback Compilation

I. Urgent Issues Requiring Immediate Attention

- Revamp the UI: The current interface is in dire need of an overhaul. It's clunky and unintuitive, hindering the overall user experience.

- Implement "Fund All" and "Collect All" Functions: Managing our empire shouldn't feel like a chore. These features would streamline the process and allow us to focus on the more enjoyable aspects of the game.

- Increase PvE Event Frequency and Rewards: To keep players engaged, PvE events should occur more frequently and offer more enticing rewards.

- Regular Loot Drops: Introduce new loot on a consistent basis to prevent staleness and maintain player interest. Variety is key to longevity.

- Rework PvP Contracts: Address the imbalance in PvP modes, particularly regarding unfair advantages and teleportation mechanics.

II. Secondary Improvements to Enhance Gameplay

- Introduce Ship Class System: Incorporate a ship class system to cater to varying playstyles and preferences, drawing inspiration from successful implementations in other games like EVE Online.

- Guild/Faction System for PvP Modes: Enhance the multiplayer experience by introducing guild or faction-based PvP modes, fostering camaraderie and strategic gameplay.

III. Long-Term Vision for Future Development

- Expand the Map and Economy: Allow players to expand their influence by acquiring outposts and engaging in economic activities, promoting player-driven interactions and conflicts.

IV. Quality of Life Enhancements

- Improve Loot Visibility and Pickup Radius: Highlight loot drops and enhance the pickup radius to streamline looting, especially in crowded areas.

- Optimize Settlement Interaction Areas: Ensure seamless interaction with settlements by refining the hitboxes and interaction zones.

- Minimap for First-Person Perspective: Provide a minimap option for players using the first-person perspective to aid in navigation and route planning.

- Address Exploits and Gameplay Issues: Promptly address exploits and gameplay issues to maintain fairness and integrity within the game environment.

- Refine Rocket Targeting Mechanics: Improve rocket targeting mechanics to enhance usability and effectiveness in combat situations.

- Enhance River Width: Widen rivers to prevent accidental friendly fire and improve navigation during Po8 runs.

- AI and Wanted System Overhaul: Revamp enemy AI behavior and the wanted system to ensure realistic and fair gameplay experiences.

- Community Feedback Implementation: Actively listen to community feedback, prioritize player needs, and communicate development plans transparently.

In Conclusion

While Skull and Bones has promising elements, there are significant areas requiring improvement to realize its full potential. Addressing these concerns promptly and transparently will foster a thriving community and ensure the game's longevity. Let's work together to chart a course towards an exciting and fulfilling gaming experience!

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