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Skull and Bones Weapon Loadout Tier List

Mar-14-2024 PST Skull and Bones

To reign as the most formidable pirate in Skull and Bones, mastery over various elements is essential, with the Skull and Bones weapons you outfit your ships with playing a pivotal role in navigating the game's most intense encounters.

Skull and Bones Weapon Loadout Tier List

While Skull and Bones predominantly revolve around naval warfare, it offers a diverse array of weapon types tailored to specific targets and varying damage outputs.

Each vessel boasts a limited number of gun ports, capable of hosting specific weapon types. Choosing the right ship and strategically distributing your armaments is key to success on the high seas.

The Skull and Bones Ship Weapons Tier List categorizes weapons into All Deck, Top Deck, Bow, and Auxiliary, each tier offering distinct advantages and power rankings.

All Deck Weapons

All Deck weapons specialize in short-range combat, delivering crowd damage ideal for close-quarter engagements or when maneuvering to corner enemy ships. While effective at mid-range, their damage output may diminish. These weapons can be mounted on all sides of your ship.

Tier List:

S-tier: Demi Cannon, Vogel Greif, Zamzama

A-tier: Flooding Demi Cannon, Carronade, Basilisk, Tearing Culverin

B-tier: Culverin

Top Deck Weapons

Top Deck weapons excel in long-range combat, allowing you to inflict lethal damage from a distance and impede enemy escape attempts. Employing these weapons can thwart attacks from pursuing adversaries, affording you the opportunity to regroup and fortify your defenses.

Tier List:

S-tier: Long Gun, Scurlock's Chasers, Scurlock's Long Nines, Dardanelles Gun, Rahma's Ambition, Rahma's Legacy

A-tier: Fire Long Gun, Torpedo, Shalei, Mons Meg, Bombard

B-tier: Repair Long Gun, Fire Bombard, Repair Bombard

Bow Weapons

Situated at the forefront of your vessel, Bow weapons cater to both short- and long-range combat scenarios, offering versatility in engagement tactics.

Tier List:

S-tier: Sea Fire, Kallinikos Flame, Blue Specter, Twin-winch Ballista

A-tier: Ballista, Great Springald

Auxiliary Weapons

Auxiliary weapons serve as backup options during combat, typically reserved as a last resort due to their extended reload times. While seldom used as primary armaments, they can provide support to allies in distress and repel advancing adversaries.

Tier List:

S-tier: Mortar, Leopold, Rocket

A-tier: Termites

B-tier: Repair Mortar

Strategically selecting a balanced combination of weapons covering crowd control, short-range, long-range, mid-range, and defensive capabilities is paramount, particularly in the later stages of the game. Additionally, acquiring a powerful vessel is essential, as certain weapons may not be compatible with all ships. 

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MMOexp Skull and Bones Team