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Strategies for Dominating Gold Ship Encounters in Skull and Bones

Feb-23-2024 PST Skull and Bones

Soloing gold ship convoys in Skull and Bones can be a daunting task, even for seasoned captains. However, with the right strategy and loadout, you can turn the tide in your favor and emerge victorious. Here's a breakdown of the tactics and equipment I've found most effective for taking on these formidable foes.

Strategies for Dominating Gold Ship Encounters in Skull and Bones

Ship Loadout and Strategy:

I prefer to use the Snow ship and adopt a focused approach, targeting one golden ship at a time while disregarding the others. This allows me to concentrate my firepower and maneuverability on a single target, maximizing my chances of success. When not on the offensive, I utilize bracing to mitigate incoming damage and keep my ship afloat.

Building for Success:

My ship build revolves around leveraging Crew Attacks to deal significant damage while maintaining my own health. To achieve this, I stay in close proximity to my target, ensuring that my Crew Attacks hit their mark consistently. Mastery of this technique requires practice, especially in consistently striking the enemy's weak spots to charge the Crew Attack meter rapidly.

Weapons and Armor:

- Scurlock's Long Nines: Positioned in both the front and rear of my ship, these cannons provide potent firepower for both offense and defense.

- Basilisk IIIs: Installed on the sides of my vessel, these cannons offer additional firepower to exploit weak points and maintain pressure on the enemy.

- Leopold III or Mortar III (Auxiliary): Depending on the situation, I opt for either Leopold III or Mortar III to supplement my primary armament and adapt to changing tactical needs.

- Black Prince or Royal Custodian (Ship Upgrades): These ship upgrades provide essential bonuses to enhance my combat capabilities, ensuring that I am well-equipped for the challenges ahead.

Furnishing Enhancements:

To further augment my ship's performance, I've outfitted it with a selection of furnishings tailored to support my combat strategy:

- Scrapper Station: This essential fixture restores a significant amount of hull integrity after executing a Crew Attack, allowing me to sustain prolonged engagements with minimal downtime.

- Rum Pantry I: By increasing stamina recovery by 10%, this enhancement enables me to maintain a high level of agility and responsiveness during combat, crucial for maneuvering and evading enemy fire.

- Boatswain's Call I: Enhancing Crew Attack damage by 10%, this upgrade amplifies the effectiveness of my primary offensive tactic, ensuring that each strike packs a formidable punch.

- Spiked War Horn I: Boosting the charge rate of Crew Attacks by 10%, this enhancement accelerates the frequency at which I can unleash devastating barrages upon my adversaries, maintaining relentless pressure on their defenses.


With the right combination of strategy, equipment, and perseverance, soloing gold ship convoys in Skull and Bones is not only achievable but immensely rewarding. By mastering the art of leveraging Crew Attacks, exploiting weak points, and maintaining tactical awareness, you can overcome even the most formidable adversaries and emerge triumphant on the high seas. If you are not confident in this battle, you can seek the help of mmoexp to arm yourself with better Skull and Bones Items and S&B Silvers to make yourself stronger. Fair winds and following seas, fellow captains!

MMOexp Skull and Bones Team