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The only show that works for Madden 20 coins

Nov-01-2019 PST Madden 20

But every single loading screen was an ad for ultimate team and had popups after every game that I would have to dismiss relating to ultimate team.

Yes I know, I've actually done a lot of testing for RPCS3. I bought and dumped every sports game I could find at my local gamestops so we could get compatibility threads on as many games as possible. Thanks to some recent improvements NCAA Football 14 is just about playable, NCAA BAsketball 10 freezes at tipoff but once it gets past that it should be completely playable, and a few MLB the show games are playable already, and most NHL games are playable (I've only tested EA games, I haven't found any NHL 2K games locally) For now I'll keep buying the show since I have a PS4 and I actually enjoy the online gameplay in that game, but it just sucks playing on super low framerates on 720p. Only a few minor league stadiums can get past 30fps consistently sadly.

Awesome! The only show that works for Madden 20 coins me was the first game for ps3 and I can't stand to play it because I want to be able to skip base running in RTTS mode. It's killing me, but not really...but still...

I'll test them out next week after I finish up some work. I'm pretty sure 08 is playable and the rest are all ingame with some weird lighting bugs, but I haven't tested them all summer.

Troy is a 93, moss is a 92. Moss will be a Redux next series and Troy won’t. Series 3 next Friday will give a 91-92 PU pass. If you’re stuck between the 2, take Troy and use the PU pass on Moss.

I picked troy cause of moss' short and medium route but I may use this method as well. But serious question is it worth powering down Jerry rice to get Moss powered up?

I’m honestly gonna hold onto the pack and wait before picking. EA cheap Mut 20 coins has done things that don’t make sense for new series releases. I have a gut feeling the new level cap could just reward you with another 89-90 PU pass, which would be super disappointing. Wouldn’t be surprised at all, but I’m hoping we get that 91-92.

If we do get a 91-92, any MUT 10 guys that fall into that range I would just spend the cost of training and get whichever one. I think Joe Thomas and Troy are the only ones that are 93.

Yup it’s always best to take the cautious route if you have the patience, unfortunately many people don’t lol however, even f EA does decide to do some BS and only give us another 89-90, there is still a for sure 91-92 PU pass for completing 125 daily objectives. Not sure how close we are to that mark yet tho.

Some quick research found that 125 daily objectives would be done on December 5th. Still a ways out. I’m pretty sure they will give the 91-92 though. The last time they gave a duplicate power up pass was after the super bowl in MUT 19 IIRC, just so people didn’t have free 99 OVR guys running around after one extra series. Doubt that they would pull that so early on. Barely half the NFL season would’ve passed by next Friday.

So I've done pretty much at least 2 daily challenges a day since launch and it tells me for the daily engagement shit that I've only completed 62 daily challenges, you know if that's a glitch or what?

Pat Tillman is a 95, will be a 99 before Troy, and is absolutely Free, and a better in general. Taking Polomalu is a fool's choice.At which point you can buy Ed Reed for 1/6th of the price of Polamalu and have virtually the same card.but they did dirty dick us by re-releasing an old PU pass last time instead of moving down the progression, they could theoretically do it again, but i would be a bit surprised if even EA was that greedy.

I wanted to take Moss but Troy P is so enticing... I already have 95 Pat and 92 Earl, should I just take Moss and power up Troy to 91 to use at sub lb?

How did that work out? I happened to get Tillman up to a 95 last night and I've found he's outstanding at linebacker for me. Was thinking of powering up Troy P to have back there instead of 88 MF Jabrill Peppers. I grabbed Moss as my MUT 10 card because I was so close to Tillman, but I'm thinking Troy P may have been the move if I swap Tillman to MLB for some packages.