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Ultimate Guide to Efficient XP Grinding in Elden Ring

Jun-04-2024 PST Elden Ring

Welcome, the best Elden Ring guide here! Let’s dive into today’s content on how to grind experience (XP) effectively from the beginning to the endgame in Elden Ring. At the same time, MMOexp will provide better Elden Ring Runes and Elden Ring Items.

Ultimate Guide to Efficient XP Grinding in Elden Ring

Grinding XP: Getting Started

Early Game Grinding

When you’re just starting out in Elden Ring, the best place to grind XP is near the Castleward Tunnel, just before you fight Margit the Fell Omen. Here’s how to maximize your XP early on:

1. Castleward Tunnel Routine:

· Location: Start at the Castleward Tunnel Site of Grace.

· Method: Sneak up on enemies to get stealth kills. Focus on the isolated ones first.

· Enemies: Take down the guards systematically. There’s one with glowing eyes that offers more XP than usual.

· Reset: Use the fast travel feature to return to the Castleward Tunnel Site of Grace to respawn enemies and repeat the process.

This method is excellent for beginners, allowing you to accumulate XP steadily as you learn the ropes of combat and stealth.

Mid-Game Grinding

As you progress to the mid-game, you’ll find more lucrative grinding spots. One such place is the War Master’s Shack.

1. War Master’s Shack Routine:

· Location: Close to the Castleward Tunnel.

· Method: Two key enemies here offer around 264 XP each. Sneak up on them or use charged attacks.

· Enemies: Two guards that are relatively easy to kill.

· Reset: Fast travel back to the Site of Grace to reset the enemies.

This spot provides a significant boost in XP compared to early game locations and helps bridge the gap as you prepare for more challenging areas.

Endgame Grinding

The Bestial Sanctum

For endgame grinding, nothing beats the Bestial Sanctum. Here’s a step-by-step guide to unlock and utilize this area:


Unlocking the Bestial Sanctum:


· Quest: You’ll need to progress through a quest involving an NPC at the Roundtable Hold. After defeating the Tibia Mariner mini-boss, the NPC will direct you to the Bestial Sanctum.

· Travel: You’ll be teleported to the Bestial Sanctum once you’ve spoken to the necessary NPC and followed the questline.


Bestial Sanctum Grinding Routine:


· Preparation: Equip your best weapons and gear for efficient kills.

· Enemies: Target the isolated enemies first, as they provide the most XP (over 1000 per kill).

· Method: Utilize stealth and quick attacks. Use your mount for quick traversal and dismount for precise strikes. If needed, break enemy posture with six hits, then switch to a heavy weapon for the finishing blow.

· Routine: Clear the isolated enemies, fast travel to the Site of Grace to reset, and repeat.

By following this routine, you can amass XP quickly, leveling up at a much faster rate compared to other methods.

Advanced Techniques


Weapon Switching:


· For enemies that are tough to kill in one go, switch between a quick weapon for initial attacks and a heavy weapon for the final blow.


Utilizing Sleep and Stun Mechanics:


· Some weapons, like the Saint Trina sword, can put enemies to sleep, making it easier to land multiple hits and maximize damage.


Avoiding Groups:


· Focus on isolated enemies to avoid getting overwhelmed. Groups can slow down your grinding efficiency and pose a greater risk.


There you have it, guys! These grinding spots and techniques will help you level up quickly from the early stages of Elden Ring right through to the endgame. Remember, consistency is key. Follow these steps, and you’ll see your character grow stronger in no time.

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MMOexp Elden Ring Team