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​Crafting Guide POE

Apr-09-2020 PST path of exile

Crafting is one of the go-to skills in Path of Exile. With crafting, you can create and improve a vast number of items. As the in-game currency is heavily dependent on items that can be crafted, it’s important that you know how to craft, and most importantly – craft optimally! 

As many crafting techniques can cause you to lose a lot of currency, you should be careful which items you wish to craft. For example, you should try to avoid crafting high level equipment until you have access to it, so that you can use high tier modifiers.

On the other hand, you can potentially make a lot of profit from crafting. This can be done through the use of your Mirrors of Kalandra, which can allow you to make a copy of your crafted item. You can then be paid a fixed mirror fee and you can rinse and repeat this for more currency.

Let’s go a few through a few of the crafting techniques that are available to you in Path of Exile.

Basic Crafting Techniques

In POE, you have the ability to upgrade a white (normal) item to either a magic or rare item. It doesn’t take a whole lot of currency to do so, and 1 orb will do the trick. You could either: use an orb of transmutation on a white item to make it a magic item, you could use an orb of chance on a white item to get either a magic, rare or unique version of the item  (completely random chance, with weighted likelihood on lower rarity variants), or you could use an orb of alchemy to make a white item rare.

Advanced Crafting Techniques

Moving on, contrary to the belief of changing all the modifiers on an item, you can instead add each one separately. This allows you to have only the desirable modifiers on an item. However, this can soon become costly, and you should only consider doing this on your high-level gear.

You could use a chaos orb after you alched an item until you get the desired mods. Or, you could use a combination of Scour and Alch to do the same. Instead, you can use the Systematic Alt/Regal/Exalt method, which can get you the modifiers you want. To do that, first you’ll need to start with your white item. Next, use an orb of transmutation on it, and keep using orbs of alteration on it until you end up with two mods that are favourable for you. If you end up getting an unwanted modifier, use a regal orb and scour the item to start again. You can also use an eternal orb to make an imprint of the item, so you have something to fall back on. Next, use 3 exalted orbs, and you might have to use a divine orb or blessed orb to change the modifier values.

Master Crafting

Next up – Master Crafting! By using the crafting bench that can be found in your hideout, you can craft specific modifiers that can serve to be very useful in your POE journey. You can find the recipes to craft these modifiers in certain areas and maps, and the master content.

Master crafting common stats such as life or resistance is quite cheap, and therefore is not done in the later stages of the game. However, on low level characters, you should consider adding stats for more durability of your character.

Meta-crafting Modifiers

Advanced master crafting methods mainly gravitate around the interaction between meta-crafting mods, as well as the orb of scouring. Though the orb may say that it removes all properties from an item, the actual modifiers will not be changed when it is used. Therefore, you can lock in modifiers on an item, without losing other modifiers. You can find these meta-crafting mods in the Pale Council prophecy. You can combine multiple meta-crafting mods for even greater control over the modifiers on an item. Theoretically, you can control all the possible modifiers placed on the item of your choice, making it so the outcomes of crafting are guaranteed for you.

Suffix or Prefix Wipe

When you roll your affixes, you can use the prefixes/suffixes cannot be changed meta-crafting mod to protect them when you alter an item. For example, you can improve a five-affix amulet, where you’re pleased with modifiers such as of Penetrating, of Exile and of Destruction. As there is only one affix slot available, you can craft the suffices cannot be changed meta-crafting mod to protect those modifiers and only reroll the prefixes. You can then scour the amulet so that only those suffices remain. If you aren’t satisfied, you can repeat the process. However, you should only use this method when trying to single out two or three affixes. If you only want 1 affix, you should instead try to spam Orbs of Alteration, as it is a much cheaper option. These meta-crafting modifiers have a price tag of two POE Exalted Orbs each.

Single Mod Magic Item

Sometimes you might need a magic item with a specific affix, but the other affix slot is still available. You can do this by crafting a master mod onto the white item you are using. Therefore, the white item will become a magic with the master crafted modifier. You can use any mod to do this technique with, as long as it is not the same affix type as the desired modifier. For example, if the desired mod is a prefix, simply master craft a suffix. After that, use a regal orb, and whenever the incorrect modifier spawns, remove the master crafted modifier.

+3 to Level Weapon Crafting

The next technique involves using a masters’ meta-crafting modifier, where players can relatively cheaply make bows and staves that have a +3 to level of Socketed Bow Gems, or a +3 to level of Socketed Fire/Cold/Lightning gems. For example, if you wanted to craft a bow, first you’ll start with the preferred base bow (item level of at least 64). Next, use orbs of alteration and orbs of augmentation until the Sharpshooter’s prefix and a random suffix is gained. Next, use a regal orb to get a second suffix. If that doesn’t happen, scour the bow and start again. After that, craft cannot roll attack mods. Then, use an exalted orb for a guaranteed Paragon’s prefix. Remove the meta-crafting mod. And there you go, finish it to your desire!

Cheap Off-Colour Crafting

Crafting can allow you to have your desired off-colours easily accessible. For example, we’ll use an Armour Helmet, where we want 3 blue sockets and 1 red socket. First, put the item in the crafting bench, then craft two sockets and at least two blue sockets. This will result in your item becoming an item with two blue sockets. Next, craft three sockets, and check the colour. If the third socket has an unwanted colour, craft two sockets to remove the undesired socket, then craft Three Sockets again, until you end up with 3 blue sockets. Finally, do the same but with Four Sockets, until you have an item with 3 blue sockets and 1 red socket. This is usually a cheaper method compared to Chromatics, and you should test it out when exploring the possibilities surrounding off-colours.

And there you have it – our guide for crafting in Path of Exile! Good luck in your crafting journey. Also here maybe you need: Path of exile currency sale on MMOexp.