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Path of Exile 3.24: A Guide to League Start Builds

May-16-2024 PST path of exile

Path of Exile 3.24, also known as the Necropolis League, is poised to deliver one of the most substantial overhauls to the endgame experience in recent memory. While not an entirely new game, this update brings a plethora of fresh content, including tier 17 maps, new boss encounters, a reworked Atlas with a focus on scarabs, and a myriad of other exciting additions. As is customary with every league start, having a solid league start build is essential for maximizing your early-game progression and enjoyment. In this article, we'll delve into five top-tier league start builds for 3.24, curated to cater to a diverse range of playstyles and preferences.

Path of Exile 3.24: A Guide to League Start Builds

1. Righteous Fire Chieftain/Inquisitor/Juggernaut

A classic choice, especially for newer players seeking a straightforward yet potent build.

Righteous Fire, a self-damaging aura, offers consistent damage output without requiring high APM (actions per minute).

Resources like MMOexp provide comprehensive guides for mastering this enduring archetype.

2. Arc Mage Hierophant (Ball Lightning/Ice Nova)

With the revamp of Arc Mage to scale off maximum Mana, Hierophant builds have gained renewed viability.

Palon's Arc Mage Ball Lightning Hierophant offers a user-friendly playstyle and high damage potential with relatively simple gear requirements.

Alternatively, Gatha's Ice Nova Frostbolt Hierophant provides a different spin on the archetype, boasting exceptional tankiness but potentially lower damage output compared to the ball lightning variant.

3. Lightning Arrow/Bow-Based Deadeye

Ideal for softcore trade farming, this build excels in rapid map clearing and sustained damage from range.

While not designed for heavy boss encounters, it offers excellent efficiency for accumulating wealth in the early stages of the league.

Crouching_Tuna's guide provides a thorough walkthrough for newer players looking to optimize their leveling and gearing process.

4. Detonate Dead Necromancer (Chain Reaction)

A staple league starter known for its exceptional clear speed and respectable survivability.

Two variations are highlighted: I'm Exile's Necromancer for a tried-and-tested approach, and Rue's Inquisitor for a potentially more powerful but complex setup.

While Rue's build lacks video content, Venta's guide offers valuable insights and instructions for navigating this potent league starter.

5. Explosive Trap

Geared towards bossing, Explosive Trap builds offer substantial single-target damage potential.

Zarin's version prioritizes hardcore survivability, while Fearless Dumbo's variant leans towards softcore farming efficiency.

Players should be mindful of the trap playstyle's inherent delay in damage output and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Each of these league start builds caters to different preferences, whether you prioritize simplicity, power, efficiency, or versatility. Regardless of your experience level or preferred playstyle, there's a build on this list to kickstart your journey in Path of Exile 3.24. As you embark on your adventures in the Necropolis League, follow MMOexp.com, here is all PoE Currency List, Cheap, Rich and Safe, we provide you the best path of exile currency trade.

MMOexp POE Team