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Path of Exile 3.24 Crafting Guide: Crafting Boots on a Budget

May-22-2024 PST path of exile

In the Path of Exile 3.24 patch, significant changes are on the horizon, particularly in the realm of boot crafting. In the current meta, players have relied on the combination of the "prefixes/suffixes can't change" method and Veiled Chaos Orbs to craft mid-tier boots for early endgame.

This method, known for its reliability and cost-effectiveness, often yielded boots with excellent veiled move speed mods. However, with the impending removal of the Veiled Chaos Orb and the Ashling slam becoming completely itemized and tradable, crafting endgame boots will undergo a substantial transformation.

In this guide, we'll explore six alternative methods for crafting endgame boots on a budget, tailored to various stages of the endgame progression and catering to both Solo Self-Found (SSF) and trade league players.

Path of Exile 3.24 Crafting Guide: Crafting Boots on a Budget

Early Endgame: Two-Tone Boots Crafting

Before delving into endgame boot crafting, it's essential to shore up your resistances during yellow maps. Two-tone boots crafted with Orbs of Binding provide a cost-effective solution for acquiring decent boots, allowing you to conserve Orbs of Alchemy for mapping.

Budget Crafting Methods for Endgame Boots in Path of Exile 3.24

Method 1 - Unique Boots as a Stopgap

Though not a traditional crafting method, utilizing unique boots can serve as a temporary solution for players. Boots like Sin Trek and Atziri's Step offer unique benefits that can outperform budget-crafted alternatives under certain conditions.

- Sin Trek: Ideal for Ghost Dance builds.

- Atziri's Step: Suitable for Suppression builds.

- Other Options: Stampede/Replica Stampede, Replica Inya's Epiphany, Kaom’s Roots, Skyforth, and more.

Method 2 - Eldritch Crafting with Rog (Trade League Only)

Eldritch currency combined with the services of Rog provides an alternative avenue for crafting. While more feasible in a trade league setting, this method involves scrambling prefixes and aiming for desirable mods with Rog's assistance.


1.Attempt to craft good boots with Rog.

2.If Rog fails to provide three desirable suffixes, apply a lesser Aldrich Ember.

3.Scramble prefixes with Aldrich Chaos Orbs.

4.Utilize Aldrich Chaos Orbs to achieve six mods unless the item is already satisfactory.

5.Benchcraft desired mods with five or four mods, utilizing Exalted Orbs as needed.

Method 3 - Fishing with Awakener Orbs (Trade League Biased)

Awakener Orbs, although off-meta, can still be employed to combine desirable suffixes or prefixes. This method involves re-rolling until a satisfactory combination of mods is achieved, then finalizing the item with bench crafts or Harvest crafts.


1.Utilize non-elevated versions of premium mods.

2.Apply "suffixes cannot change" followed by "reforge speed" to finalize the item.

3.Ensure boots are item level 86 for optimal movement speed tiers.

4.Optionally elevate mods for a higher-end craft.

Method 4 - Extensive Use of Rog (SSF Friendly)

Rog's crafting behavior can be particularly potent for SSF players, offering opportunities for high-quality boots with a mix of desired and undesirable mods. The key lies in capitalizing on Rog's moods to upgrade mod tiers or re-roll for higher tiers.


1.Utilize Rog without Eldrich currency, focusing on his moods offering exalted mods or tier upgrades.

2.Aim for item level 86 boots once your character reaches level 90.

3.Consider using RNG annul, metamodding, or reforge speed for six-mod items lacking movement speed.

Method 5 - Starting with a Lucky Fracture (SSF or Trade League)

Commencing with boots featuring a favorable fractured mod, such as movement speed, allows for further enhancement using fossils or essences. This method can yield impressive results for both SSF and trade league players.


1.Begin with a lucky fracture, preferably 25%, 30%, or 35% movement speed.

2.Utilize Prismatic fossils for additional crafting to acquire resistances.

3.Consider Essences of Zeal or Harvest reforge speed on item level 86 fractured boots with desirable fractured mods.

Method 6 - High-End Awakener Orb Version

For players with a more substantial budget, merging two high-end influence prefixes with an Awakener Orb can lead to formidable boots. This method involves several RNG-dependent steps and may necessitate the use of meta-mods for refinement.


1.Begin with elevated Hunter's pierce and Redeemer elusive on crits plus increased effect of elusive boots.

2.Merge them using an Awakener Orb.

3.Utilize an RNG annul step if three prefixes are obtained.

4.Benchcraft prefixes can't change and apply a veiled orb.

5.Clean up remaining mods using metamods, such as prefixes can't change followed by an orb of scouring or Harvest reforge with an influence mod.

With the absence of Veiled Chaos Orbs, Path of Exile crafters must adapt their strategies to the changing landscape of crafting. The methods outlined above offer diverse approaches catered to different stages of the endgame, providing options for both SSF and trade league players. While some methods may rely on luck, a thorough understanding of crafting mechanics and perseverance can lead to remarkable results. Join MMOexp.com, get the best currency in path of exile, happy in game.

MMOexp POE Team