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Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree: All Information By Miyazak

Jun-05-2024 PST Elden Ring

FromSoftware’s groundbreaking game Elden Ring continues to captivate players with its intricate lore and challenging gameplay. The upcoming DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, promises to expand the game’s universe even further. At the same time, MMOexp will provide better Elden Ring Runes and Items service. In a recent interview with Chinese outlet Z who, Miyazaki provided new insights into what players can expect from this highly anticipated expansion. Let’s break down the key points from this interview.

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree: All Information By Miyazak

Massive Expansion: Why One Large DLC?

When asked why Shadow of the Erdtree is packaged as a single massive DLC rather than multiple smaller updates, Miyazaki explained that it was to cover parts of the mythology that couldn’t be included in the base game. This approach allows players to experience a significant sense of exploration, akin to the original game, rather than fragmented DLCs. This suggests that the DLC will be extensive, offering a substantial new area to explore.

Difficulty Scaling: Keeping the Challenge Alive

Considering players’ strength after two years since the game’s release, Miyazaki addressed how the difficulty of new enemies will be handled. The DLC’s difficulty will be scaled to feel similar to the latter half of the base game. Additionally, a unique level scaling system will be introduced in the DLC, reminiscent of Sekiro’s system where defeating bosses increases attack power. This ensures a balanced challenge for all players, regardless of their current level or playstyle.

New Weapons and Magic

One of the most exciting revelations is the addition of eight new weapon categories, featuring dozens of new weapons. This will introduce new tactics and strategies for players. These new weapons and spells will also be usable in the base game, adding even more depth to the gameplay.

Integration with New Game Plus

While the interview’s translation was a bit unclear, it appears Miyazaki hinted that the DLC will be integrated with New Game Plus. This means that entering the DLC in the second round of the main game will correspond to the second-round difficulty of the DLC. This integration ensures that the DLC remains challenging and rewarding for veteran players.

Duration and Exploration

When asked about the duration of the DLC, Miyazaki was cautious, recalling that he previously estimated Elden Ring to take about 30 hours to complete, while in reality, it takes significantly longer. This suggests that Shadow of the Erdtree might also offer more content than initially implied. Entry into the DLC’s land of Shadow requires defeating Mohg, giving players the choice to either complete the main story first or dive into the new content simultaneously.

Lore and Story Expansion

For lore enthusiasts, the DLC promises to resolve some of the base game’s mysteries while introducing new ones. The events in Shadow of the Erdtree will not alter the main game’s story but will delve deeper into the lore. This includes explanations about the relationship between Miquella and Saint Trina, which has been a topic of much speculation among fans.

New NPCs and Groups

The DLC will feature new NPCs and groups, expanding on existing organizations like the outer gods and their followers. There will be minimal overlap with base game NPCs to maintain consistency, especially since many NPCs in the base game can be killed by players.

Final DLC and Future Prospects

Miyazaki confirmed that Shadow of the Erdtree will be the first and last DLC for Elden Ring. However, he hinted at potential future expansions to the overall world and story of Elden Ring as an IP, given its success. This leaves the door open for more content related to the Elden Ring universe in different formats or sequels.

Miyazaki’s Insights on the Soulslike Genre

In a lighter moment, Miyazaki humbly denied credit for creating the Soulslike genre, expressing his enjoyment of other developers’ games in the genre. He also shared that Demon's Souls was created by observing current gaming trends, inadvertently leading to one of the most unique gaming experiences.

Closing Thoughts

Miyazaki concluded by addressing Chinese fans, inviting all players to experience the new DLC and enjoy its combat and exploration. This latest interview reinforces that Shadow of the Erdtree will be a massive and enriching addition to Elden Ring, filled with new challenges, lore, and gameplay mechanics.

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