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Essential Weapons in Skull and Bones

Mar-18-2024 PST Skull and Bones

In the expansive realm of Skull and Bones, where the Golden Era of Piracy reigns supreme, mastering naval warfare is key to triumph. As players embark on daring Contracts and navigate the treacherous seas, the selection of the right weaponry becomes paramount. To aid newcomers in their quest for dominance, here's a breakdown of the top five essential weapons to acquire early in the game:

Essential Weapons in Skull and Bones

5. Culverin II: Versatile Cannon for All Occasions


Ammunition: Cannonballs

Damage Per Shot: 625

Reload: 6.00 s

Range: 600 m

The Culverin II stands as a steadfast choice for beginners, offering a balance of range, damage, and reload speed. With improved stats over its predecessor, it proves reliable in various combat scenarios, whether engaging foes head-on or unleashing devastating broadsides. Players can acquire the blueprint upon reaching Infamy rank Rover, securing it from the blacksmith at Sainte-Anne for 410 Silver.

4. Demi-cannon II: Devastating Close-Range Firepower


Ammunition: Cannonballs

Damage Per Shot: 660

Reload: 3.50 s

Range: 250 m

For those favoring intense close-quarters combat, the Demi-cannon II emerges as a formidable choice. With its ability to unleash shrapnel that tears through enemy vessels, it excels in short-range engagements, offering swift reload times for sustained barrages. Players can obtain the blueprint at Infamy rank Rover, procuring it from Lanitra for 360 Silver.

3. Long Gun II: Precision Strikes from Afar


Ammunition: Cannonballs

Damage Per Shot: 1362

Reload: 9.00 s

Range: 1000 m

Strategists seeking to maintain distance while delivering devastating blows should look no further than the Long Gun II. With its long-barrel design enabling precise shots over vast distances, it proves invaluable for targeting distant adversaries with lethal accuracy. Accessible at Infamy rank Rover, players can acquire the blueprint from the Sea People Merchant in Vorona Falls Outpost for 400 Silver.

2. Bombard II: Unleashing Destruction Across the Seas


Ammunition: Bombard Bombs

Damage Per Shot: 1875

Reload: 7.50 s

Range: 550 m

When confronting multiple foes or besieging fortified positions, the Bombard II emerges as a formidable choice. With its ability to rain destructive shells upon adversaries within its radius, it wreaks havoc upon enemy vessels and structures alike. Attainable at Infamy rank Rover, players can secure the blueprint from the Sacred Tree Outpost for 400 Silver.

1. Ballista I: Precision Strikes with Piercing Force


Ammunition: Ballista Bolts

Damage Per Shot: 1380

Reload: 1.00 s

Range: 900 m

For unparalleled precision and piercing force, the Ballista I reigns supreme as the pinnacle of long-range weaponry. Launching giant bolts with remarkable speed and accuracy, it proves indispensable in targeting weak points and dismantling adversaries from afar. While a mid-game acquisition, players can procure the blueprint at Infamy rank Brigand from the Pirate Den Telok Penjarah for 3050 Silver.

Armed with these essential weapons, players can navigate the perilous waters of Skull and Bones with confidence, ready to conquer all who dare oppose them on the high seas.

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MMOexp Skull and Bones Team