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How Does Madden NFL 24 Duel Entitlement Work

Sep-16-2023 PST Madden 24

Madden NFL 24 is coming up with Duel entitlement which lets football lovers immerse into the virtual world of football like never before. As this is a new feature by EA Sports, players have a lot of questions in mind, like what is the duel entitlement or how it works. The best thing about the duel entitlement feature is that you can still enjoy Madden 24 on the previous generation of consoles even after upgrading it. Knowing Yannick Ngakoue’s Madden 24 rating will help you in finalizing your decision to add him to your team.

What is duel entitlement?

EA Sports want players to enjoy Madden NFL 24 in every possible way, and the duel entitlement feature is a big step in that way. With this feature, players can purchase a copy of Madden 24 game for the previous generation consoles. They can later upgrade the game to the latest generation console, such as the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X, or the Xbox Series S, without paying a single penny. It has been quite some time since the launch of the previous generation of consoles, so developers don’t want to spend too much time creating games for these consoles. Developers want gamers to shift to new consoles so they can enjoy immersive and high-quality gaming. But for the time being, Madden 24 is available for the previous generation of consoles with the option to upgrade to a new generation.

Who will get the duel entitlement?

This is important because the duel entitlement is a premium feature. Well, for starters, players who purchase the digital deluxe or the standard edition of Madden 24 will get the duel entitlement feature. EA Sports has also added duel entitlement as a bonus for those who pre-order it. For the digital copies of the game, the duel entitlement option is available in all cases. Things are different for the physical copy of the game because the PlayStation 4 copy of the game will get the duel entitlement option. While the physical copy of the game for PlayStation 5 doesn’t feature the duel entitlement option. Players can’t use the duel entitlement option to upgrade from PlayStation consoles to Xbox consoles or vice versa.

Feature of Duel Entitlement

You have limited options when you upgrade from the previous generation of the console to the new generation using the dual entitlement option. Not all the features will be available to you. Here are the game modes that won’t be available after you upgrade the game.

· Franchise modes

· The Face of the Franchise

· The Yard

· Madden Ultimate Team

These game modes won’t be available because there are a lot of differences in the gameplay between the previous generation of consoles and the new generation of consoles. For online sessions, players who are playing the game on the new generation console won’t be able to match up with players using the previous generation consoles. This goes for both PlayStation consoles as well as Xbox consoles. When you upgrade the game to the next generation console with dual entitlement, content from the face of the franchise mode, yard mode, Madden ultimate team mode, and franchise mode won’t be available. You can still enjoy those features on your previous console.

How to purchase Madden 24 for dual entitlement?

This question is important because not all copies of the Madden NFL 24 feature dual entitlement, so you have to select the right copy of the game to enjoy this feature. For starters, the digital copy of Madden 24 supports the dual entitlement feature no matter what platform you are on. You can purchase a copy for PlayStation 4 but can play the game on PlayStation 5 with the same copy. This also works for the Xbox copy of the game, which works for Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One.

On the other hand, there are some limits to the physical copy of the game. Firstly, you have to purchase Madden 24 for the previous generation of consoles to use them with the new generation. This works when you purchase a copy of PlayStation 4 and use it with PlayStation 5. The PlayStation 5 copy of Madden 24 isn’t compatible with the PlayStation 4. When it comes to Xbox, things are great as you can purchase the Madden 24 for any Xbox you want, and it will work with the other Xbox consoles. This is possible due to the Xbox smart delivery feature.

Which copy to buy for Dual entitlement?

The best option for purchasing a copy of the game, if you want to enjoy entitlement, is to purchase a digital copy of Madden 24. There is no restriction for dual entitlement like the physical copy of the game. Besides, MMOexp.com still provides you with the safest and cheapest Madden 24 coins and we always try our best to provide you with the best service.