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NCSoft Removes Gacha Mechanics From Throne and Liberty

Nov-25-2023 PST Throne and Liberty

In a notable departure from the conventional gacha monetization system, NCSoft, the revered developer and Korean publisher behind the highly anticipated game Throne and Liberty, is set to implement a transformative shift. This strategic decision is prompted by a growing trend of scrutiny and regulations surrounding gacha systems, coupled with the persistent discontent expressed by players over the years.

NCSoft Removes Gacha Mechanics From Throne and Liberty

Throne and Liberty, slated to make waves in the gaming world, will not incorporate probability items, commonly associated with loot boxes or gacha systems. NCSoft is charting a new course for monetization, centering its approach around battle passes and subscriptions, but currently, players can still buy cheap Throne and Liberty Lucent from MMOexp. This revolutionary move empowers players to earn coveted in-game items by achieving specific milestones during their subscription and battle pass periods. This strategic pivot signifies a departure from the gacha systems that have characterized NCSoft's offerings over the past decade.

The genesis of this decision can be traced back to the Throne and Liberty Closed Beta Test (CBT), during which draw items were phased out. In their place, players were granted the ability to preview the season pass, revealing cosmetic rewards with minimal impact on combat abilities or power enhancements. Unsurprisingly, this shift was met with resounding favor from players, prompting NCSoft to reconsider their monetization strategy. While the transition to the western version remains uncertain, reports suggest that the decision is a direct response to the negative perception of gacha systems prevalent among European and North American audiences.

Beyond the noteworthy shift in monetization strategy, Throne and Liberty enthusiasts can anticipate more exciting developments on the horizon. NCSoft recently announced a highly anticipated launch showcase scheduled for November 2nd. During this event, the team is poised to unveil intricate details about the Korean version of the game, offering insights into the modifications and enhancements made in response to community feedback regarding combat and progression. Post-showcase, the focus will shift towards preparing for the official launch of the game in Korea.

For Western audiences eagerly anticipating the game's arrival, the wait is almost over. Amazon Games, the force behind Throne and Liberty, is gearing up for its own testing phase. Following the success of a recent technical test, the upcoming showcase is likely to serve as a tantalizing glimpse into what players can expect when the next Global test is announced.

As NCSoft charts a new course away from gacha mechanics, Throne and Liberty stands poised to redefine the gaming experience. The strategic embrace of battle passes and subscriptions not only aligns with player preferences but also reflects a commitment to fostering a more positive gaming environment. The November showcase promises to be a pivotal moment, offering a closer look at the game's evolution and setting the stage for an eagerly anticipated global launch. Throne and Liberty enthusiasts, prepare for a gaming revolution that transcends conventional norms.