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Skull and Bones Infamy Ranks - How to Level Up Fast

Mar-27-2024 PST Skull and Bones

Ubisoft gave the biggest surprise to fans of pirate games by releasing Skull and Bones. Thanks to its gameplay and features, Skull and Bones quickly became popular in the genre. Players will be creating a crew and getting a pirate ship to set on a once-in-a-lifetime journey through some of the fiercest seas around the globe.

It is an open-world RPG. Infamy is another feature in Skull and Bones which is an important part of the game. For beginners, understanding the Infamy feature is somewhat difficult especially when it comes to leveling up the Infamy fast. So, we have created an Infamy leveling guide for you.

Skull and Bones Infamy Ranks - How to Level Up Fast

What is Infamy in Skull and Bones?

Skull and Bones also feature a leveling system and it is called Infamy. It is the experience that players have to gain to progress in the game. Only six tiers were available when the closed beta version of Skull and Bones was released. When the full version was released, the total number of ranks was increased to ten.

In each Infamy tier, various levels are available and the number of levels increases as the tier increases. Infamy is quite important in Skull and Bones because it decides which SnB items and ships you can purchase from the vendor. Those who have played the beta version will have a head start as they are already at tier six. Here are more details about these tiers.

Outcast – This is the first tier so you don’t need any points here.

Scoundrel – You need seven hundred and twenty-five points to reach this tier.

Rover – You need twenty-two hundred and five points to reach this tier.

Freebooter – You need four thousand fifty-five points to reach this tier.

Buccaneer – You need sixty-five hundred and fifty-five points to reach this tier.

Brigand – You need ninety-nine hundred and thirty points to reach this tier.

Marauder – You need fifteen thousand three hundred and five points to reach this tier.

Corsair – You need twenty-one thousand three hundred and five points to reach this tier.

Cutthroat – You need twenty-seven thousand nine hundred and five points to reach this tier.

Kingpin – You need thirty-nine thousand and thirty points to reach this tier. This is the last and after you reach it, you’ll then progress through further levels of this tier such as Kingpin1, Kingpin2, and Kingpin 3, etc.

How to level up Infamy Fast?

Whether you’re the Captain of your pirate ship or you’ve joined a team of pirates, leveling up in Skull and Bones is important to become a successful pirate. You also need to unlock new ships and upgrade your existing ships to deal with all the upcoming challenges. Without a high Infamy level, you won’t be able to do much in the game. Raising the Infamy level isn’t that difficult if you know what to do and how to do it.

Skull and Bones is an open-world game and doing almost anything in the game will get you experience points to increase your infamy. The Infamy system was introduced to motivate players to do pirate stuff. If you want to go slow, this method is for you. But if you want to make quick progress, you’ll have to make some extra effort. Here are the tips for quickly leveling up the Infamy.

Complete Contracts – The first step in the process of leveling infamy is to complete contracts. The game provides you with contracts at every step. The only problem with this method is to make sure that you complete the contract because otherwise, your infamy will be degraded. So, make sure to read the full description before you select a contract and go to any extent to carry it out.

Explore – The second tip is to explore the game map and the ocean. This method will also give the same amount of experience points. Exploration will also help you learn more about the game. Also, complete the treasure hunt that you'll find during your journey for extra money. The exploration should be strategic.

Live the pirate life – This tip is the most obvious for Skull and Bones. Your ultimate goal in the game is to live the pirate life. This includes attacking merchant ships and looting them. For each successful pirate raid, you'll get Infamy points.

New maps and ships will be unlocked as you level up Infamy in Skull and Bones. This may look difficult at first but once you hit a good level, you'll get to enjoy the process. Having a high Infamy is beneficial because it will protect your ship from attacks. To make sure that you’re making good progress, try different activities so you don’t get bored. Sometimes, you may see a contract that will give you good points but you can’t do it easily, our tip is to avoid such contracts because failing a contract will put a big dent in your current Infamy. Also after leveling up you get more rights and Skull and Bones Items, Skull and Bones Silvers, and more, so follow this guide and level up fast.

MMOexp Skull and Bones Team