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Skull and Bones: Mastering World Events

Jun-06-2024 PST Skull and Bones

In the vast and treacherous oceans of Skull and Bones, pirates encounter a variety of World Events that promise great rewards for those daring enough to tackle them, you can get more SnB Silver and unique Skull and Bones items. From intense PvP competitions to challenging PvE encounters, these events add depth and excitement to the game. This guide will help you navigate all the World Event locations in Skull and Bones and provide strategies for emerging victorious.

Skull and Bones: Mastering World Events

Cutthroat Cargo Hunt

This legendary 6-player PvP heist involves pirates racing to steal valuable Cutthroat Cargo from an armored merchant convoy. The goal is to secure the cargo and deliver it to the designated port while fending off rival crews.

Tips for Success:

Utilize the Bombardier Padewakang for its speed and firepower.

Stock up on stamina items to maintain your endurance during the race.

Familiarize yourself with the race path to optimize your route.

Aim to use a ship ranked 5 or higher for optimal performance.


Legendary Treasure Maps that lead to hidden riches.

Hostile Takeover

This PvEvP hybrid event pits 6 players against each other in a battle to take over an NPC outpost's production by dealing damage. Players must defend their gains while thwarting enemy attempts.

Tips for Success:

Bring high DPS ships like the Bombardier to quickly damage the outpost.

Use area denial tools strategically to hinder enemy progress.

Opt for a ship ranked 5 or higher for a competitive edge.


Legendary Treasure Maps for uncovering valuable loot.


Roaming Elite Captains offer bounties to those brave enough to defeat them. Joining battles initiated by other players increases your chances of success.


Treasure Chests filled with valuable loot.

Infamy points to bolster your reputation.


Embark on the "From the Deep" contract quest to face the deadly monster, Kuharibu, in the Western Basin. Work with other players to defeat this formidable foe.

Tips for Success:

Beware of Kuharibu's DoT attacks and maneuver accordingly.

Circle around the monster to avoid its deadliest strikes.

Target its weak spots and coordinate attacks with your allies.


Various materials from Kuharibu's body, including scales, teeth, flesh, and prized eye.


Activate the ghostly pirate ship, Maangodin, by completing the "Oceans Apart" side contract. This elusive ship emerges only at night and presents a unique challenge.

Tips for Success:

Target Maangodin's red weak points for maximum damage.

Deploy mortars strategically to chip away at its defenses.

Consider using the Bombardier Padewakang with mortars installed for optimal damage output.


Rare items such as the Tarnished Ring, Mysterious Chest, Vengeful Essence, Ethereal Ashes, and loot from the Dutch Merchant Company.

World Events in Skull and Bones offer thrilling opportunities for pirates to showcase their skills and earn valuable rewards. By following these tips and strategies, you'll increase your chances of triumphing over these formidable challenges and claiming your share of the ocean's treasures. 

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