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​The stairs blocking the maze is so bad

Jan-10-2020 PST path of exile

The stairs blocking the bewilderment is intentional, and it's dumb. The bang-up consistently moves in this set aisle to the stairs, with no way to change his path. However, he alone moves while the amateur is absent by the storm.

In added words, the alone acumen he moves -at all- is to block the maze, which gets bigger and bigger afterwards anniversary storm. It's a bogus enrage artisan for corruption the storms. The botheration is that a lot of humans aren't administration them correctly, because of one tiny detail:

Sirus will advance the storms abroad already you ability him.

You're not declared to allurement the storm abroad until it is cautiously out the action area, He does that for your if you if you ability him. If you do it correctly, moveing the metor and re-starting the action will alone yield you 10-15 seconds, not the "30-second mini-game" humans anticipate it is. The abstraction is that you wish to ability him while he is still at the bend of the storm, because that agency he has confused the atomic distance. If you do that anniversary time, the amateur meteor will never be blocked. It looks like a bug, it's stupid, but that's how the action is advised to function.

It's dumb, because there is acutely no coercion in administration the storms at all! The players don't apperceive he's abutting his win condition, and his win action seems like a blank in the map design. The amateur may not even apperceive he's affective if its their aboriginal time angry the boss. Breadth is the indicator to the players, that this is a). what the bang-up is aggravating to do, and b). what they're aggravating to prevent?

There's nothing. There is no chat that indicates this is allotment of the fight, it's not visually apparent, and even if it was, it's impaired that this all-knowing entities kobayashi maru is a flight of stairs! Instead, his amphitheatre and should abound as the players move the storms around, while sirus stays put.

Secondly, the bulk of layers to the bewilderment should be angry to his arena's growth.

Thridly, the meteor should abort aggregate blocking it already it lands, poe trade currency and even added time be accustomed to the players so that they can get out if they aces the amiss route.

Fourthly, Sirus should calculation down appear the meteor. Because it would be badly accessible and -very- intimidating.

Why is this a bigger enrage mechanic?

1: He teleport to accidental credibility in his amphitheatre to attack. The bigger the arena, the harder it is to contrivance and dps the boss. Afterwards angry the boss, it will become actual credible to the players that added amplitude is bad, because it allowances him more.

2: As the meteor gets bigger and bigger, it will be blocked by itself by any bits larboard over, and eventually the walls of the amphitheatre itself (his win condition.) While the "minor" debree shouldn't annihilate the amateur unless the amphitheatre grew decidedly in a individual aeon of time (making assorted paths blocked,) its actuality will accomplish it bright to the players that the meteor -will- eventually annihilate them if they aren't fast enough.

3: Humans abhorrence it if it feels like their action has been bricked. Having the Meteor abort any blocking bits on appulse will accomplish the players feel and anticipate "At atomic that will not annihilate me again."

4: It can be calmly adumbrated to amateur that this is his goal, artlessly by arena chat such as "Every moment I absorb in Oriath, my access grows!"

5: It'l be way added thematic. He's declared to be DESTORYING the absolute city! If the amateur mishandles the storms and his his meteor grows to several screens wide, afresh that will play into this immensely.