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The Warrior Class in Elden Ring: A Glass Cannon's Journey

May-10-2024 PST Elden Ring

In the enigmatic world of Elden Ring, players are presented with a myriad of choices right from the start. Among the many classes available, the Warrior stands tall as a formidable choice for those seeking a high-octane, high-risk playstyle. With its starting equipment, attributes, and stats, the Warrior offers a unique and challenging experience for players willing to embrace its strengths and weaknesses.

The Warrior Class in Elden Ring: A Glass Cannon's Journey

The Warrior's Arsenal

The journey of a Warrior begins with a set of equipment that epitomizes their combat prowess. Armed with dual scimitars and a riveted wooden shield for defense, the Warrior is ready to engage foes in swift and deadly combat. Clad in blue cloth attire, adorned with sturdy gauntlets and greaves, the Warrior strikes a balance between agility and protection.

Right Hand: The scimitar, with its curved blade and versatile attacks, becomes the primary instrument of destruction for the Warrior. Its swift slashes and piercing thrusts cater to a playstyle focused on agility and precision strikes.

Left Hand: The second scimitar in the left hand complements the dual-wielding style of the Warrior, allowing for relentless barrages of attacks. Paired with the riveted wooden shield, the Warrior gains a modicum of defense without compromising its offensive capabilities.

Armor: The blue cloth cowl, vest, gauntlets, and greaves provide essential protection while ensuring the Warrior maintains agility and maneuverability in combat. While not the heaviest armor available, it strikes a balance between defense and mobility, essential for the Warrior's hit-and-run tactics.

Attributes and Stats

The Warrior's attributes and stats lay the foundation for its combat prowess, emphasizing agility and finesse over brute strength.

Level: 8

Vigor: 11

Mind: 12

Endurance: 11

Strength: 10

Dexterity: 16

Intelligence: 10

Faith: 8

Arcane: 9

HP: 434

FP: 74

Stamina: 94

Dexterity: The standout attribute of the Warrior, boasting a high starting value of 16, emphasizes swift and precise strikes. It enables the Warrior to wield Dexterity-based weapons with exceptional proficiency, maximizing damage output through speed and agility.

Vigor: While the Warrior excels in dexterity and agility, its lower vigor leaves it vulnerable to enemy attacks. With a modest health pool, players must exercise caution and rely on evasive maneuvers to avoid taking excessive damage.

Mastering the Warrior's Playstyle

The Warrior's playstyle revolves around relentless aggression and precision strikes. With its dual scimitars and high dexterity, the Warrior excels in close-quarters combat, delivering rapid strikes while evading enemy attacks.

Agility: Utilize the Warrior's high dexterity to your advantage by maintaining constant movement and executing swift dodges to evade enemy attacks. Mastering the timing of dodges is crucial for avoiding damage and creating openings for counterattacks.

Precision Strikes: Capitalize on the versatility of the scimitars by mixing up light and heavy attacks to keep enemies off balance. Focus on landing critical hits and exploiting enemy weaknesses to maximize damage output.

Hit-and-Run Tactics: Due to its lower vigor and reliance on agility, the Warrior excels in hit-and-run tactics, darting in and out of combat to strike vulnerable foes. Avoid prolonged engagements with stronger enemies and bosses, as prolonged exposure increases the risk of sustaining significant damage.

Dual-Wielding Mastery: Embrace the dual-wielding nature of the Warrior by seamlessly alternating between attacks with both scimitars. Experiment with different attack combinations and find synergies between dual-wielded strikes and evasive maneuvers.

Challenges and Considerations

While the Warrior offers unparalleled agility and damage potential, it also presents unique challenges and considerations for players:

Low Vigor: The Warrior's lower vigor makes it susceptible to being overwhelmed by enemy attacks, especially in prolonged engagements or against foes with high damage output. Players must prioritize evasion and timing to mitigate incoming damage effectively.

Glass Cannon Build: The Warrior's emphasis on dexterity-based weapons and high damage output aligns with a glass cannon build, sacrificing defense for offensive prowess. While this approach can decimate enemies quickly, it leaves little room for error, requiring precise execution and situational awareness.

Limited Staggering Potential: Unlike strength-based builds that rely on overpowering foes with brute force, the Warrior's dexterity-focused playstyle offers limited staggering potential. As a result, players may struggle to interrupt enemy attacks or create openings for counterattacks, especially against larger or more resilient opponents.

Not Recommended for Beginners: Due to its high-risk, high-reward nature, the Warrior class may not be suitable for beginners unfamiliar with the mechanics of Elden Ring. Players seeking a more forgiving experience may find other classes better suited to their playstyle, such as those emphasizing defense or magic.


In the vast and unforgiving world of Elden Ring, the Warrior stands as a testament to the power of agility and precision in combat. Armed with dual scimitars and unwavering determination, players who choose the path of the Warrior embark on a journey fraught with danger and excitement. While the road ahead may be perilous, those who master the art of the Warrior will carve their legend into the annals of history, leaving a trail of defeated foes in their wake. Get the best and safest Elden Ring Runes, cheap Elden Ring Items, or other service from mmoexp.com, 5% off and great price for you.

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