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WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2 Gold Farm

Mar-23-2024 PST WOW SoD Classic

World of Warcraft Classic was already booming but Blizzard was working secretly to launch a new season for their fan base. After the development was completed, Season of Discovery was launched as the second seasonal launch of WoW Classic. In the season of discovery, developers added the content to the classic version of the game without actually expanding the game itself. Now, that the Season of Discovery is here it is time to prepare for your adventure.

When it comes to preparations, gold is the most important item that you need in large numbers. For beginners, making gold in WoW Classic Season of Discovery is somewhat difficult but anymore. We have the perfect WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2 Gold farm guide for you. In this guide, you'll find some of the best gold farms that will provide you with a steady income. Some other methods are also available such as the auction house, events, and farming to make gold but they require extra effort.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2 Gold Farm

Best Season of Discovery Phase 2 Gold Farms

Whether you’re an experienced player or a newbie, these ten gold farms for Season of Discovery Phase 2 will provide you with a large number of those shiny gold coins.

1.Wildvine Farm – Stranglethorn Vale

This farm is the best for gold for all the right reasons. First of all, you can find the storm-splitter trolls here that you can use to craft gear for phase two. The only problem that you'll face here is that this area is always crowded with other players who will attack you so this farming location isn’t recommended for beginners and low-level players.

2.Solid Stone Farm – Badlands

From this location, you can get elemental earth, deep rock salts, and solid stones from rock elementals here. If you spend some time here, chances are that you'll find a legendary item that can be sold at the auction house for a good amount.

3.Turtle Farm – Tanaris

Tanaris is filled with turtles that you can skin for gold. These turtles will provide you with meat, big-mouth clams, and scales. You can also kill skinners in the area for these items. Some lucky players also managed to find pearls from Tanaris.

4.Heart of Wild Farm - Swamp of Sorrows

Compared to other farms in this list, this gold farm for phase 2 is quite difficult. In these swamps, you'll find swamp walkers that you can kill. These swamp walkers will provide you with the heart of the wild. The drop rate for this item is low but you need them a lot.

5.Spider Meat Farm - Dustwallow Marsh

Dustwallow Marsh has a spider that you can kill for white spider meat. This meat is very high in demand and you can also use it to craft spider sausages. These sausages are consumable items that every class can consume.

6.Dark Whelp Farm - Dustwallow Marsh

This farm is near the spider meat farm. At this farm, you can find fiery whelps which will drop small flame sacs as well as dark whelping toys. These items are wanted by most players. If you skin these, you can make some extra WoW Classic SoD gold at this farm.

7.Red Whelp Farm - Badlands

For those who are looking for dark whelping or small flame sacs, Badlands is one of the best locations to try your luck. These whelps can also drop BoEs that you can sell during the second phase of Season of Discovery. If you have a high skinning skill, your profit can go even higher.

8.Green Whelp Farm - Swamp of Sorrows

This location contains some lower-level whelps. These will drop tiny emerald whelping toys which is a very rare item. You’ll also get small flame sacs from this location. To get this rare item, you need to skin the item.

9.Raw Gold Farm - Stranglethorn Vale

You can get raw gold from this location. At this location, you can kill Basilisks. They will drop grey items that can be sold to the vendor for gold. For skinners, this location has some extra benefits as they don’t have to sell their skins to vendors at a low cost. Instead, they can sell the skins on auction to get the best price for them.

10. Elemental Farm - Arathi Highlands

This location is known as the home of all four elemental types. You can farm different items. Here are more details about these elementals and what you can get from them.

- Fire elemental will provide you with burning charms.

- Air Elemental will provide you with thundering charms.

- Water elemental will provide you with elemental water.

- Earth elemental will provide you with elemental earth and solid stone.

11. Uldaman’s RNG Extravaganza

This is more of like a bonus farm location. You can thrash mobs here to get BoE items. These items are worth thousands of gold coins.

MMOexp WoW Classic SoD Team