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A Detailed Guide to Fast Travel in Path of Exile

Jan-29-2024 PST path of exile

Path of Exile's vast and sprawling world of Wraeclast can sometimes be daunting to navigate. With numerous locations and acts to explore, finding your way around efficiently is crucial. Fortunately, the game provides several methods of fast travel to help you quickly access previously visited areas. In this guide, we will walk you through the different ways to fast travel in Path of Exile and make your journey through Wraeclast a breeze.

A Detailed Guide to Fast Travel in Path of Exile

Waypoints: The Key to Fast Travel

Fast travel in Path of Exile is made possible through Waypoints, which can be found in most areas, including towns. These Waypoints are easily recognizable as bright blue rune-like objects on the ground. Simply click on a Waypoint, and a menu will appear, allowing you to choose any previously visited Waypoint as your destination. Additionally, you can travel between different acts and regions of the world by utilizing the "Act" tabs located at the top of the map that opens when you interact with a Waypoint. This feature enables swift movement across the expansive world of Wraeclast, granting you easy access to different quests and areas.

Fast Travel to Special Locations

Certain special locations, such as the Sacred Grove and the Menagerie, can be accessed quickly using console commands. If you're interested in learning more about these commands, refer to our comprehensive guide on Path of Exile's chat commands. For your convenience, here are some essential fast travel commands you may find useful:

/menagerie: Instantly transports you from town to your Menagerie.

/delve: Swiftly takes you from town to your Azurite Mine.

/harvest: Enables rapid travel from town to your Sacred Grove.

/metamorph: Transports you directly to Tane's Laboratory from town.

Returning to Town: Portal Scrolls

Returning to a settlement or town when you're in the midst of an adventure is made simple with Portal Scrolls. These scrolls can be obtained as drops from defeated enemies and are represented in your inventory as small scrolls with a blue ribbon. To use a Portal Scroll, right-click on it, and a portal will be created. Enter the portal, and you will be instantly teleported to the main settlement of the current act. It's worth noting that the portal remains active for a limited time, allowing you to re-enter it and return to the exact spot from which you initially traveled.

By utilizing Waypoints, console commands, and Portal Scrolls effectively, you can traverse the expansive world of Wraeclast with ease. Whether you need to revisit a familiar location, access special areas, or quickly return to town, these fast travel methods will save you valuable time and enhance your overall gameplay experience in Path of Exile.

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MMOexp POE Team