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Comp/Trim bang-up requirements afterwards rework

Jul-01-2019 PST runescape

A quick breakdown on which bang-up are still appropriate and which ones got removed to alleviate atone and trim capes.

# Unchanged requirements:

Abandoned KBD (Slayer challenge)

Abandoned KQ (Slayer challenge)

Abandoned GWD1 (Slayer challenge)

Abandoned Araxxi (Slayer challenge)

Abandoned harder approach Giant Mole (Slayer challenge)

Abandoned Dagannoth Kings (Slayer challenge)

GWD2 (Telos soundtrack)

Barrows (Quest cape)

Action Caves (Karamja Tasks and Kiln unlock)

Action Kiln

# Changed requirements:

Aristocratic dungeons (Normal approach is no best required)

# Appropriate for trim, but no best appropriate for comp:

Telos (Defeat at 100% enrage)

Vorago (Personally bang Vorago)

Rot6 (Escape the tunnels)

# No best appropriate for comp:

Nex (Required for MQC only)

AoD (Required for MQC only)



Mazcab raids

Corporeal Beast

Chaos Elemental


For comparison, above-mentioned to Reaper the abandoned administration appropriate for atone were Barrows, Action Caves, Action Kiln and QBD as able-bodied as Vorago and Rot6 for trim.

As far as PvM requirements go, i'd say the abandoned cogent change is the abatement of Solak and Yakamaru from the capes, as the added administration are about simple to get a annihilate if you can handle abandoned Araxxi to activate with.