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​Ranch out of Time Fix

Dec-31-2019 PST runescape

It's acutely jagex fabricated a huge aberration designing the ROOT, and disregarded serveral things (way to top ancestry times, not able to crossbreed, growing times, no aftermath so accidental traits, and so on).

I've absorb alot of time/money on Amateur Endemic Farm to complete the abounding log for Trim Comp and was actual dissapointed to apprehend jagex capital to absolution an Amateur Endemic Farm COPY with even college ancestry times and added altered breds on beneath penns (POF = 9 breds on 7 pens, ROOT = 13 breds on 5 pens).

Since the release, I've had my frogs in the baby pen and alone charge to brand the agleam one to complete the FrogLog. My frogs accept 2 ancestry which I got myself, but it seems 3 ancestry are even added rare of buy runescape gold, could cause all i get is some 1 traited frogs daily.

Going to BGH dino's, its even worse. With a pensize of 3 for ample pens, All you can     do to complete the ancestry log is to accept 2 Elder's in the pen and achievement the dino breeds already every week. If they bred, I charge to yield out the egg to be able to get a new one. I've had a few Oculi eggs so far but all of them are 1 traited, acquisitive I'm accepting a 2 traited soon. If I get the 2traited, I accept to delay addition anniversary untill the egg became developed afore they are able to brand again. If I accept to do it this way for all 9 BGH eggs, 6 months adroitness aeon isn't even viable.

My advancement would be, to accept either one or added of the next suggestions.

1, Allow Crossbreeding in a assertive way (So an Arcane can brand with a Spicati to accept all Arcane/Spicati breeds, but not the Oculi ones. Its a bulk of advance the Apoterraseur can't brand with a Rex or Tops.

2, Expand the pens to accept a college beastly cap, for example: 4 for the ample pens. This way, you can accession eggs and access eggs at the aforementioned time.

3, Add a abound up-pen breadth you can add all eggs to let them abound up to adol's.

4, Add in bold notification if your animals succesfully bred an offspring, just like the Amateur endemic Ports voyages.