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​OSRS Agility Training Guide

Feb-17-2020 PST runescape


Agility is a particularly convenient skill in Old School Runescape, it allows you to use many agility shortcuts around Gielnor which can seriously reduce travel time. In fact many of the best money making methods in OSRS rely heavily on the use of agility shortcuts. There are a few other uses for agility, a big one is the run energy restorative effect, meaning the higher your agility level the quicker your run energy restores, although contrary to some belief it doesn't make you run faster or make your run energy last longer. It also gives access to the graceful outfit which also restores your run energy faster and is exchangeable for the “marks of grace” which are retrievable from agility courses.

Training/ Agility Courses

Most of your agility training will take place on agility courses. They are assault-like courses, usually in familiar locations, along rooftops or over/ under other obstacles. They all have a level requirement (except for the Gnome Stronghold Course), but you can boost your agility up to that level if you want. Remember to collect the marks of grace as they appear on the course as they can be later exchanged for the graceful outfit, and they also have a relative gp value of around 12.4k each if you choose to buy the Amylase packs with them.

To start, you can skip through the first 32 levels if you wish by completing the following quests: “Recruitment Drive”, “The Tourist-Trap” and “The Grand Tree”. Completing just “Recruitment Drive” will be enough to take you to level 9, then you can boost with agility potion and that should be enough to complete 2 laps of the Draynor Village agility course taking you to level 10 proper.

Agility 1-10: If you choose not to quest the first few levels then make your way to the Gnome Stronghold to start with this simple course, you will make 86.5 agility xp per circuit, resulting in an hourly xp rate of around 8k xp at full efficiency.

Agility 10-20: Taking approximately 20 laps to reach level 20, the Draynor Village Agility Course is your next location, you should also make around 9k xp/hr.

Agility 20-30: The Al Kharid Agility course next, offering a slightly higher xp/hr rate of 9.3k xp/hr. From level 25 you can train agility with werewolf skullball, which requires completion of the quest “Creature of Fenkenstrain”. Whilst this offers nearly double the hourly xp rate at around 18k xp/hr there are no marks of grace to collect during it.

Agility 30-40: You can can go from level 30 to 40 in around 100 laps of the Varrock Agility Course earning about 13.2k xp/hr, if you have decent hp then you shouldn't require food, but if you do the bank is always nearby to where you fall.

Level 40-60: Canifis Agility Course should be your next location, which of course requires completion of the “priest in peril” quest. Experience rates here will be around 13-16k xp/hr depending on how much you fall, as your level increases you will fall less, this is the rule for all courses. Canifis is also a good location for collecting marks of grace, and whilst there are other courses from level 47 onwards that offer higher xp rates many players choose to stay here until level 60 in order to benefit from the higher marks of grace per hour on offer here.

Level 47-60: You can use a summer pie to boost to level 52, this will give you access to the Wilderness Agility Course. A pipe obstacle during the course also requires level 49, meaning another summer pie may be needed, and many could be necessary in total so it may be worth just getting the 49 required before you start. The best hourly experience below level 60 is possible here with rates as high as 35k xp/hr. The downside is of course player killers as you are located in the wilderness, so please do not bring expensive gear to this course.

Agility 60-99: The Werewolf Agility Course is now the fastest agility course all the way to 99, although some will surpass it later on. You can make from around 50k xp/hr at the lower levels up to around 68k xp/hr at the higher levels. The downside to this course is that are no marks of grace, some players choose to do the bulk of their training here (up to around level 90), then continue to 99 with a course that gives marks of grace.

Agility 60-80: Another method from level 60-80 is the Seer's Village Agility Course. It is only recommended to use this course if you have completed the Kandarin Hard Diary, which will allow you to change the Camelot teleport locaion (spell or tab) to next to Seers' bank, this will greatly reduce the time between circuits, and if you use the spell you can train a small amount of magic also. With this teleport method you can expect around 55k xp/hr with high efficiency. Another option from 70-80 if you haven't completed the Kandarin Hard Diary is the Pollnivneach Agility Course where rates of around 52k xp/hr are possible, although you will need waterskins to protect from heat damage here.

Agility 75-99: For those who have completed the relatively new quest “Song of the Elves” you can use the Prifddinas course from level 75 onwards, offering up to 66k xp/hr at the higher levels. Rather than marks of grace, on this course you will receive crystal shards when you use the randomly appearing teleports that will appear every so often. These shards are used to construct crystal based equipment, and although are not tradeable themselves, they have a derivative value based on the best potion you can make of around 15k osrs gp.

Agility 80-99: When you have the Karamja gloves 4 equipped, then Brimhaven Agility Arena actually will become the fastest agility training method in OSRS. The gloves give a 10% increase in experience earned from passing obstacles and also offer a 10% chance of gaining double tickets. The arena is quite different from normal courses, it involves racing to tag one of 24 ticket dispensers. Tickets can be turned in for agility experience, you should wait until you have 1000 tickets for the highest experience rates, when you hand them in you will receive 352k agility xp (with the Karamja gloves 4 equipped).

Level 90-99: With less clicking and a decent amount of marks of grace the Ardougne Agility Course is a good option to finish off your training. On completion of the Ardougne elite diary the marks of grace spawns will increase by 25%, with maximum xp rates of around 62k xp/hr you can expect to make the equivalent of around 270k gp/hr in marks of grace value. Another good agility method to make a similar amount per hour although much lower experience rates of around 44k xp/hr is the Agility Pyramid, players could consider this to break up the monotony of grinding agility.

Thanks for reading this guide to training agility in OSRS. This guide is up to date as of 2020, keep an eye out for any new courses or other agility training methods that may be introduced by Jagex and check the experience and osrs gold rates that are possible with them. Otherwise, please check out the other guides on this site, new ones will be released regularly.