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​Game feels cool clunky

Jan-17-2020 PST runescape

So I afresh got aback into the bold and started to bullwork some dungeoneering with my brother, but there are so abounding annoying inconveniences.

- So abounding accomplishments absolutely arrest movement, such as bistro and just switching gear, this does not assume to be an affair on adaptable however.

- Even with auto retaliate off my appearance still keeps advancing enemies for a while and I sometimes accept to spamclick for a few ticks to stop advancing an enemy.

- Switching basal spells doesn't plan appropriately if larboard beat in spellbook, I either accept to bang alert och larboard bang afresh baddest cast/auto cast.

These things just accomplish the bold feel like an amateurish beta of some array if you appear aback afterwards not arena for a while.

Does anyone apperceive if these are accepted issues?

Is there conceivably a ambience I should change?

Or accept I just abandoned these issues from the past?

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