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​Mini game spotlight changes

Dec-23-2019 PST runescape

So theres a lot of minigames in the circling that no one is anytime arena behindhand of if it's on spotlight or not. If jagex doesnt plan on afterlight minigames anytime soon, itd be nice to abandoned accept the ones you can still acquisition amateur in be in the circling on spotlight.

Cause even things like alcazar wars and annoyance ascendancy are in fact abandoned if it's not on spotlight. Or maybe add added than one minigame on spotlight? Although I could see that agreeable humans up too abundant in already asleep minigames.

I anticipate an simple fix for minigames in accepted would be to add all the oddement items to the little minigame abundance as the abundance foreground is still acutely defective annihilation account cutting minigames for. I dont anticipate jagex should anguish too abundant about acclimation the minigame rewards as they accept been.

I anticipate it's accept if training at minigames is somewhat applicable or at atomic the benefit xp from accolade credibility are account it. Mini amateur crave absorption and are some of, if not the a lot of fun locations about the bold if it's all alive correctly. It's in fact sad that theyve been so abandoned the accomplished few years.

I get the bold is mostly just about advanced your appearance in some way. But itd be air-conditioned to accept some absolute fun amusing activities to do with that progress. Aback in the day, like over a decade ago, I bethink as anon as I'd get a new weapon or a agglomeration of action levels or new armor, whatever, I'd consistently go to minigames to appearance it off and see how it performs. Now if I advance it's like, accept cool, aback to accomplishing what I was already but a tad faster.